Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Outstanding, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. If your boots continually give you blisters, what alternatives boots are allowed - Magnums etc?
  2. I may not, do you have a picture of them?
  3. Definitely not Magnums.

    You need to condition your skin. Surgical spirit worked for me, rub with cotton wool hardens the skin. However some people don't agree.

    Then there's the sock's issue. You can get anti blister socks.

    If its a boot issue then I think its a case of money talks. I wear Lowa and they've never given me a blister. But can you justify spending loads on boots if your not going to wear them.

    Magnums are W@nk.,for anything other than plod.

    You don need a good boot for the field.

  4. I have a picture of Spec Ops Uggs, issued to "Them."

  5. Lowa Patrol ( Non-gortex). Great boots
  6. Have you got them on the correct feet? Ask your instructor to mark the toe caps 'L' & 'R' if you are unsure.

    Anyway it doesn't matter as long as you have spent all your pocket money on a C95 shirt 'n SAS Smock to look Ally.
  7. I find that wearing boots that actually fit is a good alternative to blisters.
  8. Take no notice of the previous unhelpful posts

    You need to masturbate on your blisters. This will harden the skin and you will be ok
  9. I wear a pair of Lowa copies. They are made by Lowa in the same factory but because they aren't branded as Lowa they are available at a much lower price. I've never had a problem with mine and never had a blister even after doing 6 mile marches.

    £50.99 may still seem a lot of money but depending on what you use them for they could be a good investment. I'm certainly not complaining.
  10. They however do not have the vibran sole.
  11. blisters?

    I suggest that you stop wearing trainers when mincing around uni and get yourself a proper pair of shoes.

    Also, ensure that you have decent insoles and socks that fit correctly.

    Finally, if you find that your boots rub in one particular place, prophylatic aplication of Zinc-Oxide tape usually does the trick.

    New boots :roll:


    Edited to add:
    Hark the hero.

  12. What is allowed will depend on what your RSM/ Cadet instructors, etc. will allow you to wear. It's a local decision.

    It is also likely to depend upon circumstances. For example on parade it's likely to be issued boots only, whereas you will probably be able to get away with some boot blacked trainers on a sharp shooters cadre. If they have them in the CCF.

  13. Ultimately passing bells has got it right.
  14. Danner Acadias: I wore them for years in the infantry and they were just outstanding. They're expensive but worth every penny. These are resoleable and will last for years under the toughest conditions.

    Another great boot is the Belleville 770. This was the old Marine Corps and Army infantry combat boot before the US armed forces switched to rough-out boots. It's a direct molded sole boot, so you can't resole it, but it's waterproof and very durable. Plus it feels like you're wearing tennis shoes. I have two pairs of these in the newer version and wear them hiking all the time. On the link below, click your status and then on the 770 boot.

    The Magnum isn't the boot of choice for a Soldier. (I take it you're talking about the Hi-Tech Magnum boot?) In the US Army, they weren't authorized back when we wore black boots because they don't hold up well to the demands of field soldiering.
  15. Hi,
    I, myself, am lucky enough not to suffer with blisters which i slucky seeing as I'm training for Nijmegen ;). I'm sure it is because my boots (Normal issue) have a bit of give in them but not too much and I always make sure I wear a thin pair and thick pair of socks.

    If this doesn't work you could try the 1000 mile socks available in millets or Blacks. They have two layers and are great for avoiding blisters. Might be cheaper than paying out for a whole new pair of boots.

    Hope that helps x