Depends on how many booties are joining in total, also are they staying RM or being rebadged ? Knowing Royal they will fight to the death rather than be rebadged.

If memory serves is there not Naval ratings in 148 as well ?
148 Bty is the only true 'Combined Ops' organisation left in our Armed Forces. They have always taken Naval Ratings (usually as ROs). In any case, the SB has Army blokes in it, so why not take booties into 148 Bty?

Good drills Meiktila! :D
148 NGFO parties have been Fire Support Teams for over a year - each team can terminal control NGS, arty, and air as well, obviously as mors and avn if required. The team boss joins it all together as a fireplan and makes it all happen. The 3 x RM TACPs (9 bods) have joined 148, been given some Gunners, and have themselves formed FSTs. 148 Bty now has more FACs than 3 Div! One of them has also trained as a supervisory FAC and will train the other FOO parties in the regiment in Emergency CAS (ECAS) as well as keeping all the FACs in date. There are also bootneck and matelot medics elsewhere in 29. None of them are re-badging, they are trickle posted (or is it drafted?) in and out.
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