BOOTMGR is compressed?? Vista

Had this come up in the last few days where it tells you to ctrl+alt+del to restart.

Now it wont start, so ive popped in the Vista repair disk to do a startup repair, that said no prblems, so I tried a system restore with the disk in. It done the restore apparently, but its the same at startup...ctrl+alt+delete...restart..ctrl+alt+delete.

Doing my brain in it is. Any ideas?
Boot from your Windows Vista DVD and select Repair your Computer -> Command Prompt, execute the following commands:
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr

This got me going, now I have windows telling me my keycode is not gen. (its not)

So I tried the one on the back of the laptop, which it does not recognize?

So limited functionality it is now apparently, untill I get an activation key.....or should I get my stuff off and wipe with the vista cd (not legit but worked for a while)
Even if im trying to use the legit laptop key on the PC?


Re-installed, working fine till they catch me again I suppose.

Got a Windows 7 here, is it worth trying that?

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