Bernard Matthews awarded a whopping £600, 000 compensation for the culling of his birds. WHY??? Farmers in this country are still trying to recover costs from the foot and mouth debacle that Margaret "stonehenge teeth" Beckett presided over. The other thing that beggars belief is that MPs are criticising this award. These would be the same MPs who always seem to vote themselves disgusting payrises and other gimme gimme perks. What a bunch of hypocritical pricks. :x :x :x :x :x
The idea is if they didnt get compensation they would not tell people when things go wrong .Even if they messed up in the first place it makes sense but it also stinks :evil: .
Of course they fight it. If they spend taxpayers money on compensating them, there'd be less money in the kitty to grab themselves!


This is the moment where we need Guy Fawkes to swing in throught the window and save the day
It is hard to believe that a company that imports a disease is then paid compensation by the Government.

But your title was apt!

He gets the compensation dispite the fact that it was his importing meat from one of his farms abroad to be processed by his company here.

The money seems to be a thank you for putting the British poultry industry at threat by incompetense.

Seems fair to me.


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He's getting the money as compensation for the healthy birds that had to be slaughtered. The same would be true for any other poultry farmer who'se stock was destroyed (and livelihood put at risk).

It does stick in the craw though, as the birds wouldn't have had to be destroyed if the stock which was imported from Hungary hadn't been infected in the first place. ;-(
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