Booties Video - News of the World exclusive

Just seen a bit of a vid on ITV which was handed to the News of the World of a Royal Marine "Party", naked booties trying to batter one another, whilst NCO in frock referees.

I suppose invites to these do's will be restricted whilst investigation takes place,

Now where did I put that video of the Chief Petty Officers Mess party after Gulf 91 on way to Singers, must be something newsworthy there. (No chance :oops: )

Should not allow "video "cameras or camera phones to party


Apart from the ninja kick to the swede at the end, it all looked like good wholesome bootie fun to me. Although I was surprised that only two of them were in drag, my spy tells me that the whole of 42 Cdo. paraded Little Britain "Ladeez" stylee for their fcuking-off-home parade apres TELIC 1.
Having sobered up, I delete my posting.

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