Booties to be transfared to army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nurse, Feb 29, 2004.

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  1. saw the front pages of the mail on sunday from their site. There is a story of the Marines being transfared to the army. has anyone read the full story?
    Is it the rumour of them being moved from fleet to land command reported last year in the telegraph
  2. Does it really matter? (YES I hear the booties out there scream!!) It won't effect what they do and would save a fortune in admin costs. Engrs, Arty, Log and Sigs units are all army anyway. It would open up the career structure of the booties, giving their better officers and men higher targets to aim for and more oppertunities if they wanted to do a little more than infantry.

    The Navy might get a bit miffed at loosing a toy, they like having lots of soldiers under their command even if they aren't all that sure what to do with them when they do get to play.
  3. no disagree ..bone answer....the bigger a unit is the more diffilcult it becomes to maintain standards...take the U.S marines , do you honestly think that if 3 cdo bde was on that scale then we would be as effective-ii think not. apart from arty and heavy engineering royal is completley self sufficiant ..remember in the falkalnds it was our cdo logs that got us(the brits) out of trouble....
  4. And a lot of rivets flying in close formation!

  5. the other supposed move is all helicopters to the RAF.

    It will give them something to do.
    All those excess peorsonel polishing helicopters that aren't flying 'cos
    "there is some weather out there!" 8O :twisted:
  6. As opposed to all those AH helos that aren't flying due to lack of funds/pilot training.....
  7. intersting as the support hele fleet shoud be controlled by the army
  8. Well we've all worked with helicopters and in Ireland it always seems that the RAF pilots find excuses not to land out in the sticks where it could be a bit dodgy, but the Army and Navy pilots are always there, come rain or shine.... not that there's much shine over there :?
  9. But who gets the Navy's Stewards? I could use a couple as by the time that bloody useless wench from the contractor brings me my gin the bloody ice has melted!
  10. I saw 3Cdo Bde work in the Gulf. If bringing them to the Army means the Army will be as well organised as they are Bring it on. Sadly if they are brought to the Army the will not be as good as they are now.

    And before anyone answers with the perfectly correct replies about why they are so good - I know but shouldn't the Army look at them and go all out to copy their methods.
  11. Ah, if it was only that simple Mushy, me ol' mate. Unfortunately, when we get into the realms of comparing 3 Bde with an Army formation we are in the business of comparing apples with oranges. In this sense, small is indeed beautiful, as the resources that the Navy have been able to throw at what is a relatively small force are considerable, often supplemented by key Army assets paid for, the Army.

    As just one example, the high readiness that the Cdos are maintained at would be hard to achieve for a larger formation - we used to have the wherewithal with WMR stocks of equipment and ammunition but the NAO, cuts and the advent of Just In Time resupply put paid to all that, whereas the Navy have been able to maintain sufficient reserves afloat, making the Royal far more usable.

    Need I go on?
  12. Navy pilots, please, then Army. Crab Air divert if an HLS out due to weather, harder to divert to another ship if there aint one around, so they are better trained.

    Army look after their own.