Bootie shot in the arrse

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Video on Liveleak of a bootie who got shot in the arrse on Herrick 5.
    Fcuking hilarious!

    Video Here

    Obviously, getting shot is nothing to laugh about really, lets all be glad it was nothing worse...
  2. happened in Singaore...1968....stuck his arrse up at the wrong time....
    4 weeks at BMH Tanha Rata.......done the trick.....mind you he wore nappies!!!!...until he was RTU.....
  3. Quality footage.
    Some serious rounds down the range.
    (Quote) From Marine..Im Been shot in the Arrse....

    You have to have a bit of Black Humour to understand the intensity of the
    situation and still make light of the fact he has an entry and exit wound to his
    Ar5e.. :wink:
    Also drives out of the contact area, to get sorted...Mint

    Good Drills Booty... :salut:
  4. 45 or I was told the unit....not sure which was which.....but wore the same badge.....
  5. I wanted to show my wife & kids the footage to illustrate the bravery and black humour, but it was spoilt by the foul language.

    To anyone else wearing a helmet cam........if you get shot in the arrse (or anywhere not immediately life-threatening) could you please not swear....there's a good chap.

    If you are unsure how to conduct yourself........obtain back copies of 'Commando' comics :lol:

  6. With regret it goes with the show....= package deal"
  7. I'm assuming this was said in jest?
  8. Definetly saw a large puff of dust behind the WMIK just before, so RPG shrapnel?
  9. Yes.........I did think it was fairly obvious. :roll:
  10. Thats the funiest thing I have read here for a long time.
  11. Quality footage - among the best I've seen from HERRICK. :)
  12. Sorry thought so but i know the guys involved
  13. In which case, do me a favour and buy him a beer please.

    The man has done so much to restore the reputation of the RM after some of his colleagues did their best to destroy it.

    The only thing missing is a caption at the end

    Digital video camera = £300
    DV tape = £2.99
    Getting shot in the ARRSE whilst filming = Priceless

    Wish them all the best, bloody good drills by all involved.
  14. Now that was funny !!!!
  15. Send him my best wishes Meiktilaman. It sounds funny but if it was deep enough to leave an entry and exit wound it'll take some healing. Good effort for not losing the plot.