Bootie offered £161k for injuries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. And how did Ms Ash end up in hospital....? Oh yes I remember, totally self inflicted.
  2. The Bootie should get the max.
  3. The bootie should get more than the max, when you consider some of the payouts that people receive for lesser injuries. Does the British Government care for it's Service personnel?? does it fcuk. They should hang their heads in shame, wnakers
  4. This is really sad that ben have been treated like this , Lets hope the mod have a rethink and give ben at least 400,000 pounds to try and have some quality of life .
  5. I'd give him 400k out of my own pocket if it meant you were shot in the face and thrown in a council skip, Chubb.

  6. The response of a Zanu-Labour minister would probably be along the lines of: What is this "shame" you humans speak off? :x :evil:
  7. Gentlemen for shame if they give the Royal any more money where will they find the dosh for the 'Civil Service Overuse Syndrome Compensation Fund" our typists must come first in this our Countries time of utmost peril......etc :x
    They need to pull finger sharpish and sort this guys compo out, he's got enough on his plate without having to fight the Government et al.
  8. Teh Stun did a comparison yesterday which was quite enlightening.

    A sprained thumb for a MoD CS (IIRC) who hurt themselves in an office received a whopping payout of 400 odd thousand pounds (more than double the pay out of this Marine). Why? It is hardly likely to prevent all work?

    A bad back for a MoD CS received 200 odd thousand, although admittedly a bad back may preclude said CS from working again.

    A Marine who loses an arm AND a leg, who thus must have serious diffiuclty finding work in civvie street, recieves 161k. Although he will get a pension too.

    Not enough, not nearly enough. And the people who think it is, should have their arms and legs cut off so they can work it out for themselves.

    I wont go in tot he millions awarded to a footy player.

  9. sorry what i meant is that ben should recieve £400,000 from the AFCS so least ben can buy a bungalow for his needs to have some independence . Iam not refering to ben pension and every day care etc which is other factors which as to be taken in to consideration as ben is very young .
  10. So you know Mr Mcbean then? I mean personally?
    Or are you using his given name for some other reason?
  11. The Civil Service have an effective union, which may explain the discrepancy.
    I'm sure that Mne McBean, will get the max available, in time, I'm just hoping he doesn't get fecked around too much in the mean time.
    Keeping the story alive and kicking (No pun intended) like this is his best bet to getting the dosh.
  12. To be honest, whilst its insulting that lesser injuries get more money is the actualy size of the cheque the most important thing. Surely injured troops should be given the necessery long-term care, support and rehabilitation that's neccessary to help them lead as normal, fulfilling and productive life as possible. This should be provided free and gratis for as long as neccessery (i.e. for the rest of one's life normally). The cash amount should then only reflect other day to day expenses (food, utilitiesd &c.)

    [No wah] - Is this actually provided? Is this, perhaps, the reasoning behind giving such comparatively small amounts? - Soldiers have support structures whilst other professions do not...
  13. You should look through other threads to find out the appalling manner in which war disabled service personnel are treated once they are in civvie street - the support structure tends to come from charities (SSAFA, RBL, Combat Stress, Blesma et al).
  14. And what he meant is that he wants you shot in the face and dumped in a skip. The young bootie will probably get a bigger payout - in my opinion anyway. Look at the situation with Ben Parkinson, public outcry and the determination of his family got him a bigger payout and the compensation awarded to injured troops was reviewed.