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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Subb0, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Hello if you could spare a moment I was wondering If I could get a recommendation for a pair of lowas? My issue boots have been ok but of late they have started to hurt my feet (might be all the running and stuff i've been doing in them) but I thought for my birthday coming up I would invest in some lowas.
    I've been looking about but there are so many pairs, I would like them to be water proof with in reason but from what i've read not gortex. Is that even possible? if you could let me know any good comments that would be great. And if there is any where about where I might be able to try a pair on just to make sure they are good.

    Thank you very much.
  2. Try 'Hunters'. They look great with Barrack Dress.
  3. Yar funny :p
    Any ideas on super camps or the patrol boots?
  4. You can't really go wrong investing in a decent pair of lowas. They're like combat slippers for comfort and will last a good while. shop around on the net though cos you can get a really good price on them if you do. beware of walt-bay offering non-branded lowas at a knock down price. from reading some of the feedback they're a bit like adibok 4 stripe trainers from the market
  5. Just to add to this - I cannot find any shops selling Lowa in a realistic distance from me. If I were to buy some online, would the sizing be the same as the issue boots? I only ask because I've been stung by sizing issues with running shoes before - there can be a huge difference between makes.
  6. alt bergs are good,and british too,they are in richmond,and if you go on their site,you may find that they do a fitting service near you.
  7. I have Gortex Mountain Lowa's which are a lower leg as I have calf's like Garf, they are the besy investment that I have ever made, never had a blister and that was doing CFT'S straight out of the box.
    I also have Altberg's but never wear them as they are too narrow, my advise is to try different types before buying, everyone has different shape feet so Lowas may not be for you.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Here's a list of top boot manufacturers:

    Alt-Berg - meant to be very good, but haven't tried them.

    Han-Wag - Ditto

    Lowa - Squaddies cream themselves over these boots, but like de man say, don't bother with the Gortex, just take care of the leather, and it will take care of you.

    Meindl - Hard as nails, exceptionally comfortable, but a bit heavy.

    Danner - Big in septicland, but not as thick or hard as some of the European/British alternatives.

    Now, if you REALLY want to turn your footwear into slippers (even issue boots), you can do worse than getting yourself some Zorbathane Inner Soles. Once tried, never gone without!
  9. I've got some of those in my issue boots they don't help i find the ends of my toes rub I never really had a problem till recently also my boots have start to squeak as I walk which aside from making me sound ridiculous is really annoying I might try taking those insoles out and seeing if it makes a difference as i've got them in and the issue insoles (as it said to leave them in on the packet) but this does take up some more room I might invest in a pair of lowa patrol with out gortex then Thanks for the advice
  10. I have had more boots than sense over the years, here's my verdict in chronological order

    Britton (or was it Britten): Very good boots at the time and you could wear them around camp, especially when CABs came in, great for tabbing, good for field work

    Magnum (originals): Great in camp on QRF type boot, wouldn't wear them in the field mind

    Scarpa: These bad boys were the nuts, however had to dye them black and wear gaiters. but for rural patrols in South Armagh, I rate them the best, but of course limited to that role

    Danners: My first Goretex boot, good for field work and very, very comfy, however my feet feel apart on an OP exercise.

    Boots ECW (or Pro Boots, old type with the red inside) possibly my best ever boot loved them and was pished off when I had to hand them back in after leaving the regs. Goretex yes, but not as hot and sweaty as the Danner and later Matterhorns.

    Issue Jungle Boots: Good for hot weather around camp, got issued them but never wear them on exercise

    Matterhorns: Great cold weather boot, not too great for tabbing as you feet get hot and sweaty, also a bit narrow in the toes, I have wide hobbit like feet. Still have these and wear then in winter months

    Magnum Elite (Canvas jobs): I really like these boots and are good for light exercise, often vehicle born, comfy as slippers, vibram soles and goretex waterproof. I have wore them on a couple of exercises and felt that my ankles aren't supported enough for heavy carrying. They are my kicking round camp, boot runs and CFT boots

    Alt-Berg Defender Micro-Lite: Many people rave about these, but I had issues, someone posted they are narrow, yes they are, very narrow and my right boot never fitted me properly. I would advise against buying off the shelf, Alt-Bergs are best if you can get to Richmond and get them custom measured, mine are size 10 and they are exactly size 10, while I am probably just under a 10 1/2 if truth be told. Saying all that is anyone want to make me an offer I won't wear them and they are pretty much brand new.

    Lowa Patrol Boots (PTB) - non-Goretex: I have just got a pair of these and they are the nuts, well impressed, they were almost worn in after a days wearing and felt comfortable to run in, but are very sturdy and were only £103 with VAT which made them one of the cheapest boots, they also had quite a comfortable insole, but I always use footpads. My only grip is the laces which I think are to thin, but you can replace those.

    I would also like to mention Han-wags (non-Goretex Mountain I think), I don't own a pair but tried them on in the same shop as the Lowas and was very impressed with the comfort, probably to do with the inner lining. However I preferred the fit of the Lowas also the Han-wags didn't have speed laces and the Lowas inner material, although not as comfortable as the Han-wags, would probably dry quicker.

    As to the Goretex, non Goretex debate, I would get the non goretex if you do a lot on field work on your feet, I swore by them till my feet cooked. All bots are fairly waterproof as long as you care for them, polish and the like, if you still worry about it get some nixkwax and use that instead of polish in the field.
  11. I won't wear boots without my Sorbrothane double impacts, if you have issues with them its probably because the boots weren't sized whiulst wearing them. when you go to get your boots take a pair with you and stick them in (obviously take the other ones out first)

    Sorbrothane also do a range called Cushnstep which are a lot cheaper and just as comfortable, you just don't get the relief from impact the more expensive one give. They are thinner than the Double Impacts so try them out in your issue boots

    The one issue I have with these footpads is if they get wet, like the goretex, they stay wet quite a while, so you have a quick drying boot, but a wet sole.

    Check my post above about Lowa Patrol