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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vaughany, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. OK lots of stuff on this but i need it quick and can't be arrsed searching. If i'm normally a size 9.5 with regular shoes, would I be a 10M in assault boots? Need to know for Junior Leaders.
  2. Simple answer - you may be. Then again, you may not. It'll depend on what size your feet are, not your shoes.
  3. If you mean you are joining the 'Army Foundation Collage' they will size you for boots.

    If you want them for Cadets, Go to a good outdoor shop and get your feet sized for you.
  4. It's for a cadet leadership course, however I have had them measured and i'm a 9.5. I'll put 10M on the kit form. If they don't fii'll just have to wear my Lowas then won't I.
  5. Yes dear.

    As it happens, my feet are size 12, but I can take anything from a 9M to a 11L! Best bet is to get hold of a pair, and try them on, rather than asking advice on t'interweb. As far as I can make out, there is no hard and fast rule for boot sizing...
  6. Altbergs are sized small and need a half size up from other makes of boot.

    Incidentally, don't buy the Altberg Sneekers - they're comfortable but not remotely water resistant. i.e walk through wet grass = sodden socks. They advertise them as being made from "water repellent leather" but in fact the tongue is just some cheap fabric and water just streams through it. Cr4p boots basically.
  7. As you've already got Lowas, you may get a better sizing guide by asking if other ARRSErs wear the same size Lowas as you, and what size Assault Boots they have.

    Try not to be too shocked if they come up with a range of sizes, each manufacturer is different and even boots from the same manufacturer can vary in size, depending on the operator, the machines and even the materials available at any particular time.
  8. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Well if it helps, I have a pair of size 11 Lowa Combat's, and I also have size 11 M Assault Boots..

    I have fairly narrow feet though...

  9. Well mind were ok to wear in the rainy wet muddy field
  10. No, you won't, issue boots only are to be worn (unless exceptional circumstances, requesting the wrong size not one of them), they wouldn't issue them otherwise.

    Also while it is the best part of Junior Leaders to run around STANTA with a rifle, shouting about it over military forums in an immature matter is probably not a good idea, especially as it is a Leadership course designed to make you a mature, well rounded leader, not a gung-ho cadet who thinks they’re above everybody because they have a DZ flash. It is not just a turn up and pass course.

    But on your query of sizes, I would get a size 10 boot (you can try an fill up any space with socks if they are too big) and depending on how wide your foot is get a small, medium or large size 10, the best method though is as Hugh Jardon said go to a surplus store and try some on. Once you’ve been issued you boots for the course I’d also recommend some quality insoles as they make life just that bit easier.
  11. If you are going down the insole route i'd recommend taking them along with you when you buy/get issued your boots. My sorbothane ones are quite thick and make the boots feel tight. I'm a civvy size ten and my issue boots are 10L.
  12. At the moment i've got a pair of double strikes but they pack the boot out out too much. I'm thinking of getting some single strikes or cushn steps. Which would people reccomend.

    And I do understand it is a leadership course and I am taking a mature approach. Its just that the infantry skills is the bit I am most looking forward to. I fully understand the attitude I need to take and I'm taking every precaution. it is mainly preperation for before I go to Cranwell next year
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Very mature..... :roll:
  14. Yeah... :oops: I am regreting that now. I am a plank of the 1st degree and deserve everything I get. Let slagging commence