Boot Scuff


I was wondering if anyone would know of a way of getting rid of scuffs on my boots caused by dragging the toecap along rocky ground.

I have tried just regular polishing but the scuffs/grazes are still there.


leave them, doesnt alter the effectiveness of the boot, does it?
Use the bulling method to create a base layer over the scuffs, then just brush polish them as normal.
oo I love the smell of burning Kiwi :D
Just cake them in polish, leave overnight and then shine up. Thats about all you do. As has been said already though it doesnt reall effect the effectiveness of the boot.
get a dessert spoon [a fat one], a pair of pliers, and a blowtorch.

hold spoon in pliers, heat until redders with blowtorch.

gently [at first] apply the hot spoon to the leather and use it to smooth out the scuff.

dont hold it still, or take too long, else you'll ruin the leather.
Although it may effect the effectiveness of a pace stick's aim toward your brow if you have a parade coming up
Exactly why I was asking.

Thanks for all the replies so far!

you dont have a dedicated pair of 'Best Boots'? there's an oxymoron!
Panoptes said:
No I'm a cadet.

In which case just stick loads of decent (KIWI) polish on, don't buff up, leave for a week or so, then put more polish on top and buff with duster not brush. Works pretty well for small, shallow scuffs: after all, you won't have to bull your boots Butler-style, so the odd imperfection doesn't matter too much.

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