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Nice n shiney ~ I like them. There's something 'warm and fuzzy' about chunky soles. I get the same feeling with 4x4 tyres....and Dairy Milk? A psychiatrist could have a field day!
My dad used to be a shoe repairer. When he'd finished a pair of Army boots, he'd hard-wax them on the polishing machine before sending them back. Thank **** nobody sent him any desert boots.
There was a machine for doing that? WTF?
You've seen the kiosks with the machine with two revolving brushes? In the factory where he worked, they had two machines, each with four revolving brushes. The brushes ranged from copper wire, hard leather flap-wheels to a really soft one that you could safely run your hand against. "Safely" being a pre-Health and Safety at Work Act definition, of course...


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they can still put a basic sole on them though.

we used to resole our paraboots with old tires and evostick.
I had my Hanwag LX Boots resoled via Timpsons,, They fitted Vibram soles but not like i have ever seen before! To be honest they didnt work out! The soles were fitted and didnt come unstuck but they were 'raised' a bit too high and they didnt have the quality of the original soles!

I wont bother resoling again, It cost nearly 50 quid,, Awaiting brown boots instead!
There was a machine for doing that? WTF?
I always wondered what happened to the ones on the first floor accomodation at Brize. I managed to get my tank park boots all nice and shiny which was a surprise. It caused a bit of a rush to try the stuff out. I mean, come on, getting tank bark boots shiny was unheard of so it was a good one for the next first parade.

Served the crabs right for delaying our flight.
No idea why i would want my old dogs resoled. Have around 4 pairs of the ******* in the cellar...but why ever not. Good tip.

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