Boot polish ( parade glossprestige )

Holy ****. Please tell me you are not joining the Guards. You must be going Parachute Regiment, or RAF, right?


**** that I am giggling like a loony at that, I thought they were getting a better standard in these days.
You're kidding aren't you? I really don't hold much hope for the future going by some of the current generation of glue sniffers.
Im ginger i thought my boots had to match me hair !!!
Bit late for justifications now, and they are letting Gingers join up. **** me it really has gone to rat shit.
keep the tan, you can use it to 'deepen' the shine in your bull, as you get to the end of the bulling process.

Or you can use it on your boots when you become a WO or Commished.
This is going to be fun when he gets issued the PCS brown boots and puts the black polish on them.
I got my kit list here and it says about ( parade gloss ) so i went to tesco's n got a pot of kiwi parade gloss prestige , but it has a dark redish tint to the color is that right ? , coz i dont really fanci going out on my first inspection in october with red f***ing boots if it isnt the right stuff lol
Save any old tins of polish that you don't use and you can burn them on your hexy stove later. I better explain futher methinks.. Take off the lid, sit the tin on the stove, and set the polish alight. Then you can cook over it.

By the way, has anyone encountered this modern day nonsense of having to be over 18 year old to buy boot polish?
Is there any difference between Parade Gloss & Parade Gloss Prestige?

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