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Boot polish and beret

Ask your CQMS for some KIWI, if he hasn't got it then ask him to demand it. KIWI polish, NSN 7930-99-151-5012. It comes in a box of 12x100ml tins.
Put your beret on, dip your head into boiling water, then cold water, then back into the boiling water again.

Repeat as necessary. Remember to keep your beret on at all times and no flash photography.


Book Reviewer
and when its shrunk put a plate in it to give it a razor sharp crease and let dry on head. alternatively use a hot hot steam iron and put a nice crease all the way around it for that ally look


Book Reviewer
In my day a decent beret could carry 600 rounds of 7.62 ball and double as an emergency trailer tarp. this new fad of button berets look like they would struggle with a box of 20 (left in the box so they dont fall out), I cant see it catching on.

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