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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by General Melchett, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Just been chatting in the office and we came to the conclusion that none of us had ever had out feet measured for correct fitting of boots.

    I always wore size 10 until I was measured for some Altbergs a couple of years ago and was told I should be wearing size 11. Most amusing.

    Has or does the system measure feet for correct fitting of boots?
  2. General,

    I've just had a similar problem with my Altbergs and the factory have admitted that Altberg sizes are actually smaller than everywhere else. I'm a size 9 but need a size 10 in Altbergs.
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Oh I see. Would be better if the issue boots were in half sizes.
  4. Why not just put foot in boot. If comfortable ok if not get another size.
  5. What feels comfortable in the stores isn't necessarily the right size to go tabbing in.

    I recall reading that one of the main deficiencies on mobilisation in 1914 was that Battalions couldn't come up with the required number of bootmakers to fill their establishment.

    Makes a change from today, when any SoS Defence can supply all the cobblers you'll ever need...
  6. hey,

    your better trying everything on. sizes are basically lying bastards.
    Altbergs are good boots but they tell everbody they need one size up, worth a trip if your in richmond though to get a good pair od boots.

    My defenders are going strong after 5 years and they can do a resole too.
  7. I'm wearing 9.5 Altbergs with thick Sorbothan insole but was issued 8m, correct fit with cheese grater insole but too small with Sorbo's. It seems that all decent boot makers come up small, Lord alone knows why. Lowas seem to be almost a whole size too small as are the issue German Army Mountain boots and Hanwag are half a size out. Jungle boots are a whole different breed and I've never found any that are comfortable from regular to extra wide.

    Having made myself look a little sad and under the influence of a boot fetish I'll answer the original question. I was measured for my boots on joining. A very nice lady gave me some issue socks and a sand filled bergen and stood me on a foot measuring thing like they used when I was at school. Then she gave me boots to try on and I was issued 8m.
  8. Too true. I got a pair of goretex salopettes, that according to the label, were 2 inches bigger than my waist. When I tried putting them on in the horizontal rain lashing Hythe Range last month I couldnt even get them up past my thighs. Wrong label entirely. Now I know why the storeman chuckled when I signed for them! :frustrated:
  9. Compare to the outside world. Only kids get the feet measurement thingy. Once you're an upright-walking adult, you can usually express whether something feels comfortable or not!
  10. Hmm, our clothing storeman still has a gadget for sizing of boots (looks like it was nicked out of clarks). It has the mondo?? sizing a'la boots cardboard high!!

    RTMC has the right idea when it comes to sizing boots! Last time i was there you were to try on the boots with insoles as issued with socks with a CFT weight bergan. This (apparently) was to ensure the boots still fitted when carrying a combat load. Seems like a good idea!

    I usually take a size 9m and 9.5 in altbergs!! Considering going up to size 10 though!
  11. At the risk of being laughed off always got 1 size bigger in boots than your shoes to allow for insoles and thicker socks????.......also 1 size up or down is only 3mm IIRC,not a great problem if bigger but useless if smaller,also many peoples´ left foot is wider than their right!

    Also if you´re buying your Levi´s(or anything else) in the PX,an American inch is slightly larger than the English one!NODUFF!
  12. I always get at least a size larger boots than I do shoes. That comes from experience - my feet swell on a long tab.

    Also I do the final sizing arse about face.

    1. Get a decent insole (Sorbothane always used to be best)
    2. Get boots slightly too big.
    3. Adjust fit by using different combinations/thicknesses of sock.
  13. When I exchanged my old boots at the stores I was surprised to hear that they were size 42 (I usually take a 44 in civvy shoes).

    Do they still have those strange sizes on British issue boots? Mine were 270 or something like that.
  14. I'm after some Altbergs but don't want to shell out until I've had my feet measured for them. Where can one get this service done?

    This isn't a wah before anyone says so
  15. At the factory during the initial consultation?