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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baz1986, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. baz1986

    baz1986 Clanker

    What should I buy for basic to make up my boot cleaning kit? cheers
  2. Boot polish and brushes would be a good start!

    For bulling:

    A 'sylvet'? (silver cleaning cloth) or failing that a yellow duster thats been washed and tumbled a few times.

    Black Kiwi polish.

    Black Kiwi Parade Gloss.

    Ox Blood or Dark Tan Kiwi polish.

    Cotton buds.

    If you are joining the Guards you may find a small butane blowtorch, an old dessert spoon, and a block of solid beeswax useful. Do not buy this until you are told to though!

    For brush polishing:

    Black Punch polish (I think it gives a better, blacker shine than Kiwi).

    Two boot brushes, polish on, polish off.

    A nail scrubber or something similar for removing mud and dirt. If it has something you can clean the tread of the boots with so much the better, otherwise use an old lolly stick, or a match.

    Keep your brush polishing gear in a small drawstring bag so it's all together.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Id go as above, BUT do not buy any liquid polishes, and id say only Kiwi polish full stop, an old toothbrush is better than a nail scrubber
  4. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tartan Terrier has said it all, but one thing you may find will give your brushed boots that extra shine is a pair of rolled up womens tights(though i prefer stockings for obvious reasons). Once you have finished brushing go over them with the tights, also useful for getting dust and dirt off your best boots prior to bobbing them up.
    Enjoy hours of fun!
  5. Old toothbrush - Essential

    Use it to get into the crevices and seems of you're boots with polish, the ones you get issued are a pile of sh!t but eventually you'll probably end up buying a pair of you're own. When you've spent £140 on a pair of you're own you'll be wanting to take extremely good care of them and you can then get damp treatment and leather treatment etc.

    But don't worry about that for now as the only black taxis you'll be wearing during phase 1 will be the issued assault boots as i mentioned before, you're section commander will instruct you on how to look after you're boots during the first couple of days i'd imagine.
  6. baz1986

    baz1986 Clanker

    Cheers for the advice lads, I'm sure I'll enjoy hours and hours of fun cleaning my boots. Away at the end of the month to Winchester so best to be prepared......
  7. Ozduke

    Ozduke LE

    Not cotton buds - they're for sticking in your ears. He means cotton balls - they're good for last minute water bulling.

    Kiwi polish all the way.
  8. Cheers Oz, senior moment there!

    As to the Punch brand polish, it's actually much better than Kiwi for brush polishing, give it a try and see what you reckon.
  9. Ozduke

    Ozduke LE

    No worries cobber!!
  10. baz1986

    baz1986 Clanker

    Where the hell do u get a sylvette cloth from? these things are hard to come
  11. legal_eagle

    legal_eagle War Hero

    The NAAFI sells them
  12. SSSHHHH, I'll tell you a secret...Jacobien oak varnish, once you've done training buy a tin of it, clean the toe caps that you want to be the bees knees, cover the welts with black maskers, use a matchstick and drip...YES...drip on the jacobean oak varnish, it will give you a lifetime of hi gloss footwear...take you a complete saturday afternoon but hey, every bootnck on palace duty since colour cameras has used it. :D