Boot change?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Question.....

    I have a weekend of hard Tabbing ahead of me next week and a wondered if it was too late to break in a new pair of Lowas?

    I've been using Lowa's for ages but I went for a tab yesterday and I was loosing grip when running down a couple of rocky paths causing me to slip and stack it a couple of times. (no I wasn't drunk :lol: )

    I looked at the soles of my existing boots and there isn't loads of grip left... I acquired then used (they are the German issues ones) and I'm thinking about going out today to buy some new ones but am I asking for trouble?

    Anyone got experience of breaking in new Lowa's?

    No peeing in them comments please! :(
  2. I took the risk and used a new set of lowa's on a phyical course a few weeks ago. Was prepared for the worst, but apart from the ankle support being a bit stiff, I had no drama's what so ever.
  3. Well if the body of the boot is fine and it is just the sole that has worn, then why not send the boots away to get resoled? There are various places that can resole with a Vibram sole. Surely cheaper than buying a new pair?
  4. If you have a pair of boots that have been good to you, you can get them resoled try they do a resoling service, a good fitting boot that doesnt rub or pinch is worth its weight in gold.
  5. Just with regards to boots i wore mine to do a 14 mile tab & 2 company attacks wearing brand new lowas, just taped my feet worked fine
  6. I'm with Poacher - get them resoled from Altberg. I'd sit an sing there praises all day long. Their service is brilliant - and it'll be cheaper (much, much cheaper) than a new pair of Lowas.

    However, if your in a desperate rush for them it's unlikely you'll get them turned around quickly enough. If you are going to buy then give Mark a ring at FieldTextiles, I was in there a few weeks ago and he had some Brand Spanking ones in that he was selling as Grade 1... give him a ring and ask him to check the sizes - they'll be around £30 or £40 compared to the £120+ you pay for them new or £70 at Grade 1.

    Breaking in wise, I've never had any grief putting on a pair of Lowas and going straight for it. I've become a little complacent about breaking in recently because of Lowa - and expect every pair of boots to be as good - how painfully wrong I was!!!
  8. Yep - give this a go - 01268 530 111 - it's for their Retail shop (The-Outdoors) but it's run by the same people!
  9. Are the Altberg boots any use? Can't afford Lowas on my meager wages, yet need some decent boots.
  10. I found the best way to wear in any boot was the following:

    1. Get into shower
    2. Put plug in
    3. Put boots on
    4. Get in shower
    5. Keep them on for at least ten minutes.
    6. Get out of the shower and apply loads of polish but don’t brush it off.
    7. Fill them full of newspaper, and allow them to dry naturally.
    8. Repeat for the next couple of days

    Don’t ask me who told me or how I found this out but it works a treat.
  11. I had a set of altberg patrol boots which were very comfy, but gave minimal ankle support. It really depends what you want out of a boot. If you take a look at the tabs we go on a lot of the guys struggling are wearing lowas, they are quite heavy. For a PT boot the hi-tech magnums are good.
  12. Cheers chaps... risked it and brought a new pair of Lowa's.....

    Poacher, I totally agree with what you said on Magnums for short runs...

    I switched to a pair of Magnum Vipers for the P-Coy 2 miler and knocked 2 minutes off PB! Was like running in trainers.
  13. Sorry, I should've said, am looking for a pair of all-round boots; something comfy, fairly light, but will survive a Cambrian Patrol.
  14. Value for money?

    I'd go for Pro-boots...... Don't buy from Silvermans....

    What size are you? I have a set of New Cold Weather Lowa Style boots in a 9 m or L? for sale?

    £60 including postage?
  15. Thanks for the offer mate but I need a 10M.

    I've got Pro-Boots but I'm not that impressed by them; when they get wet, they stay wet. They rub my heels to buggery over rough terrain too.