boot bulling .... also posted elsewhere on the forum

can anyone tell me the best way to bull boots and shoes,

and how to apply the beeswax? and the best way to maintain the shine

i know lots are going to say hours and hours of elbow grease which i am aware of and more than willing to put into it

thanks in advance
Kiwi Parade Gloss
Cotton cloth, one of them yellow ones is very good
Finger or 2..if you dont have one of these... ermm

Wrap a dampish cotton cloth tightly wraped around a finger or two making sure that there is no creases in the cloth around ure finger tip(s).
Get a good load of kiwi on and rub in a circluar motion over and over and over and over again.. add a lil water every so often and after a few hours of rubbin in a circluar motion stop addin anymore polish and jus keep rubbin in the same way... there ya go... otherwise speak 2 a guardsman very nicely...
same as above, KIWI, a Cloth, A finger and spit, (water too as you become a bit dry after 2 hours of spittin on your toe cap)

Go to the NAAFI shop and ask for a tin of 'Magic Circles'. That's the easiest and best way.

Or so that b*stard Cpl told me in my first week at Buller.
Learnt this trick from the Gurkha's.
If ya boots/shoes are well worn in put a couple of thickish layers of polish on(two black one brown or burgundy).
Work polish so that it smoothes out.
Then with a commonal garden gas lighter very carefully hold the footwear upside down and let the flame melt the polish but not in a one er.
Quick passes over it.
Let the leather cool down then redo until the finger marks are gone.
Give them couple of hours to cool then bull as normal with plenty of water.
You'll find that they bull easily and quickly also the polish doesnt hog the creases and wont crack arf when you slam you foot in( two three! ).
Been doing this for years but be carefull to watch how hot the leather gets as it wiil continually shrink unitl the footwear is to tight, but once you have a good set you wont have to do them that often.

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