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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nubstylahrim, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. I start basic next week, and my mam went and bought me 'shoe brushes' are these the same as boot brushes or completly different? cheers guys
  2. As long as you have a brush to put polish on and a brush to get it off (shine 'em) then that's all that matters. Get yourself some Parade Gloss cause you'll be bulling your best boots for your pass out parade.
  3. You may want to invest in a small scrubbing brush to clear all the shite of your boots, before polishing.
  4. Ive got 1 black brush and 1 white/yellow brush is that what you mean? thanks
  5. Yup. Also, buy a cheap toothbrush for cleaning the tread on your boots....seriously!
  6. How about my old toothbrush? or would it be better with 1 with new bristles? thanks
  7. an old one is fine.....
  8. thanks for the advice! :D
  9. As the the above have said 4 brushes
    on brush
    off brush
    toothbrush for tread cleaning
    nail small brush for cleaning muck off

    You will be taught how to bull for your best boots.
    Parade gloss cotton wool and silvette cloth all add up to a glass mirror shine.

    Enjoy with a smile.
  10. Make your own choices, but I have never used two brushes for polishing. It's like the old Wash n Go adverts... Save yourself some clutter and use one.

    Oh, and a shoe brush is the same as a boot brush.
  11. Cheers every1 for decent replies, ill probably get the 4 brushes sounds like the better option :D
  12. Grab a couple of pair of tights,yep,that's what I said.Excellent for buffing up the area of the boot that isn't bulled.As already suggested,parade gloss is good,but you also want a tin of kiwi for the brushing on polish.Good luck.