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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Barbarella, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. I recently had an epic fail with my boots whilst attempting to raise lots of cash walking solo along the Southern Upland Way for Combat Stress. I managed about 60 miles before the right one started to disintegrate - taking a toenail, adding lots of blisters and then collapsing in at the back and crushing my Achilles Tendon.
    I plan to go back and finish what I started when I am able to walk (it didn't help that I continued for another 47 miles after the serious pain started), but could really do with some decent boots that are lightweight and can actually withstand a fair bit of punishment. I am also loathe to spend a fortune. Any bright ideas?
  2. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Depends what you define as a fortune. I've just written a review on the Meindl Army Goretex which would be good. I found that they didn't require any breaking in with the standard insoles and with my Sole insoles they're super comfy!
  3. As close to the £100 (or below) mark as possible.
  4. the Meindels do have good reports however anything a wee bit less butch?
  5. If you suffer from blisters do not go near goretex lined boots, they are designed for remf types. If you want to cover severe mileage go for a fabric boot if heat reduction is your thing.
  6. I only blistered on one foot - the other is a bit sore but otherwise unharmed. I covered about 20 miles a day of big hills and plan to do a nastier challenge next year. Fabric does sound good - the leather was quite warm! What would you suggest in that department?
  7. I've worn the hell out of jungles, corcorans, danners, hi techs and hermans. But the best, most durable and most comfortable boots I've ever donned were the US Army, standard issue leg boots. Excellent support for jumping and I could walk all day in those damn things.

  8. You'll get a thousand answers about boots but it's trial and error and socks also are just as important. Take advice, wear them on shorter walks and see how you get on. The search function will give loads of threads on boots and socks.
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  9. DO NOT GET GORETEX for what you are doing that is just silly talk your blisters will be worse.

    As has been said Meindl are good. I've done quite a bit of tabbing in my Lowa Patrols and they are very comfortable. Got them for about £100. They came well recommended when I was deciding and have proven to be worth it.
  10. I don't think they do pink ones
  11. You get quite good deals on ebay if you don't mind a pair that had been worn, plus you already know your size.

    Brasher Supalite Gore Tex Womens Hiking Walking Boots | eBay UK

    I would say Brasher are a good make and the Supalite are good to go straight out the box.
    Gore-tex is an issue for soldiers who generally tab at a fast pace, carry heavy weight and don't have the option to stop and change their socks.
    If it's just walking with a small backpack, then I don't think gore-tex is such an issue.
    Bridgedale socks are for winners they do a coolmax liner to be worn under their socks which cut down on blisters.
    Change your socks and powder your feet when you need to when out walking, plus use zinc oxide tape if you continue to get blisters. I always put it on my heels regardless.

    I was supposed to be going to Brecon today but it's honking it down so I'm going to the pub instead.
  12. those are very similar to the ones that crippled me - even with taped feet. My feet were far too hot despite drying off, retaping and changing socks regularly. Will look on ebay, but might avoid goretex and leather this time. I cover 20 - 30 miles a day (depending on gradient) so can't be doing with any extra hassle
  13. I'd echo what S_M says, Brashers are top notch for what you're doing and socks are absolutely essential. Get quality socks, the Bridgedale/Brasher combo is the way to go, don't skimp on the socks.
  14. if your not going cross country why not go for some walking shoes or trainers
  15. I only really go cross country - moorland, big hills and the occasional track or path. My ankles are pathetic from years of tottering about in high-heels, so need them well supported