Not usually in the habit of reading "Sodger" if I can help it, but I found this interesting titbit:

The stat's are pretty serious but unsurprising I suppose. Thing is, the whole drinky thing isn't just endemic to the Army, but society in general.

So, will it work?

They can take away our freedom, but they can never take away......our BEER!!! :wink:
Boozing is endemic in society as a whole, because as a whole it is seen as a 'rite of passage' for young men to go out boozing (and now seemingly young women are on a par with their male counterparts). But it must be remembered in the armed services that most events, sports, competitions, cadres, courses all end in the inevitable pi**up. All the MOD as an employer can do is to broadcast the facts and the message of moderation to its employees, but it takes individual self control to not drink to excess.
That Anne Fox is a bit of a plain looking woman isn't she. You'd need a 'skinful' to even think about doggin' it.

Cheers everyone!! Now who's round is it?


Well whoever they are to be classed as an expert, i would have expected them to be proficient in their chosen carrer, maybe they are piss heads as well?

and it is definately your round Ma :D
Good call on the Anne Fox, she is definitely not the fox, but a few pints of smooth could haze the focus.

And there's no bloody likely hood of Ma getting a round in
The two-hour interactive presentation, designed to engage the attention of all ranks, was tested on the Princess of WalesÂ’s Royal Regiment. Soldiers were asked for their honest appraisal and their comments were taken on board.

This presentation was followed by an all ranks piss up in a marquee set up on the sports field that lasted till 5am.
I worked with this bint when doing the research into this alchohol thing and by **** she is hard work to both the eyes and the ears. Guy got it right earlier tree hugging sandal wearer.
The article reminded me of an alcohol awareness ITD type lecture earlier this year by a workshop tiffy. The usual 'Think before you drink' patter, quite well presented. Would have been more effective if he hadn't been "Shown the exit" by a bouncer a few weeks earlier after falling asleep in the toilets of a club.
Poacher made some good comments in his post - in the end it's up to individuals to take responsibility for their behaviour...........

but just think, on a Saturday night session, if you've had 8 pints of reasonable beer or lager (stella for example), followed by 4/5 bottles of WKD or 4 glasses of port, you finish drinking at 2am - you won't be safe to drive until about lunchtime on Monday. Move that session to Sunday and you won't be safe to drive until Tuesday..........

The concept of 4 pints being "binge drinking" is laughable to most people, but that is the same as 10 units - 4 times over the drink drive limit. Your body will only process one unit of alcohol per hour and nothing, and I mean nothing, speeds up that process. So just be careful.
YIKES my gawd is this the world sober!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what times the mess open again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had an excellent ITD lecture earlier this year from an officer. He listed a number of points that we should consider warning signs about our drinking if we answered yes to them. Things like submitting to peer pressure drinking, needing drink to have fun, competitons like boat races, mixing drinks, doing it all on a fairly regular basis. Me and my mate were quite embarrassed as we'd breached all those points a couple of times in the last few days. Funnily enough much like Soldier-W's story above, the effectiveness of the lecture was undermined by the same officer being in breach of all his points in a club later that night... Its just duty of care I guess - also makes it harder for the army to be criticised if we get ourselves into trouble.
It doesn't matter how good the presentations are or how much you preach to people. Unless you can come up with a viable alternative, not many people are going to give up drinking.

I've been to a few units where there is very little else to do. There are always load of bars but not much else. Even the bowling alleys sell alcohol.

Also take into account that it is the drunk feeling that most are after, plus it makes the birds look a whole lot more attractive. :wink: Without the brave juice, a lot of blokes don't have the bottle to approach a bird anyway.

Mine's a pint of top shelf...........

No amount of psycho-babble will separate me from my very dry martini, though I am all in favour of stopping the sale of those very vulgar breezer things.

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