Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Golf_one_one, May 13, 2003.

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  1. Well Well Well,
    It seems its lucky we're back really dosnt it?

    some very boring threads on here now........

    all the scandle of the exercise to beat all exercises will be availabe to all very very shortly!

    "the tale of the iraqi sub hunter"  ;D
    "engine cooker"  ;D
    "punchy ruperts"  :eek:
    "well done the chefs" :'(
  2. Looking forward to the news!!!  Why the wait?
  3. Can't wait for this thread to open up.
  4. You really can't wait?

    Hmm... anyone got the real angle on the ringmaster's demotion? or the anti-tank mine hubcap and the heroic Cpt? or the real reason all the dessi's were issued to the para's first?or what happend between the tent, the lynx and who got blamed?

    The best one is who did loads for inter-Regiment relations on stag, and who was the person in denial for doing the deed with a SPAM?

    Hmm.. loads of little niggles but please tell me someone got transcripts of all those speeches made?
    (especially the "I think Army Aviation was/is/shallbe..." by that really quiet twat)
    Oh and thanks to 9 Regt for supplying the moral....

    (I can't quote on any as I wasn't there, I must have been doing something less boring instead.)

  5. As this is a private forum, please bear all to us who dodged this shindig. I'm sat here doing nothing but waiting for new inner-rimiter, outer rimiter stories. It's safe to talk!!! Honest.
  6. Snore......... Could be the drink talking, but the parcipents of GW2, do you think your the only one's who have been on Op's?  

    You done it, been there, got the t-shirt, WELL DONE...... now get over it !!  And we can't wait for you to spill the 'beans'.  Four months away (Wow, significantly less then GW1, but.....), so tell us all about the hardships, please.  If any.  Or, did you get paid for what your supposed to do? ? ?  War, etc ? ? ?
  7. Hey Gunny, what did you do on GW1?
  8. Stagged on at topcliffe ;D
  9. Hello Muttley, I stagged on in Topcliffe!   Why, are you gonna lecture me now?
  10. No Gunny, just fishing...LOL
  11. I was on line crew at the kick-off of GW1.  Along with the rest of 9 Regt, we were assembled into respective locations at the time (me into the REMs office in Topcliffle) and told to leave contact details cos we were on 5 days notice to move (loads of 'er, you what??').  Then we were told weeks later that 4 Regt and Co were going, but that we were BCR's.  Much respect to you and the rest of the lads who went to GW1 (although some of you seem to be suffering (MDN wears a dress now), etc), GW2 seems more 'quick and over with', and the lads and lasses are home quicker, so no point in them moaning, unlike GW1, where the lads (and lasses?) spent donkeys out there.
  12. We were there longer before it kicked off, which meant we were slightly better prepared for the off.

    GW2 seemed to involve the Avn assets alot more and from what i hear the blokes earned thier money.

    They seem to have been brought home with similar speed to last time, fighting finished 28th Feb 91 I was home on lash by 30 March
  13. And you've never been the same since.........
  14. Of course I have, I dressed in leopard skin leotards and white heels before I joined, I also knew the words to the Fall guy ;D
  15. Lee Majors fan, eh?