Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by bunny, Oct 12, 2003.

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  1. hey anyone read an absalutely cracking book lately? any you wanna reccomend here? pleeeease im sooooo bored, any book reviews i come across have all those pappy woman books like "emma" :x which everybody apparently loves. i want a bloke book!!!

    or failing that, just a book which doesnt involve lovey doveyness (unless theyre lesbians :p )

    da bunny
  2. Find a copy of 'Master and Commander' by Patrick O'Brian. Twenty books in the series later you'll find you're hooked and it's time to start all over again.
  3. Have a look at The Infantry thread- <Bored on Ops Stag books to read>- 5 pages of posts
  4. Try the library mate. I hear the place is full of 'em! :wink:
  5. Rangi -Would you trust Bunny with a Library card ?
  6. Try the Executioner Series, that's an awesome series there-if you like guys books.
  7. David Weber's Honor Harrington series: Military Science Fiction at its best (and the arrsekicking heroine and her mates are all from a British planet)

    think CS Forester or Patrick Obrien crossed with star ship troopers.

  8. Books? Survive to fight, learn how to piss when in your nobby suit. 5 stars! :roll:
  9. Bill Bryson - A Walk in the Woods and also Notes from a Big Country
  10. cheers peeps. iv got a fcking £90 library fine! 8O - im hoping theyll forget :?
  11. for amusing and/or informative reading try 18 platoon by sydney jary or the complete MaCausland by george Macdonald Fraser.

    thumbs up all round.
  12. One which sticks in the mind, and is topical at the moment 8O , is A Britght Shining Lie. The story, given as a biography of Jon Vann, is a pretty much complete account of the US involvement in Vietnam.

    Big book but very interesting reading, and an eye opener about US policy decisions of that time, and the French and how they collaborated with the Japs.
  13. Lee Child writes some pretty good crime books - main character is an ex US monkey (hmmmmm) but well written. - Also Harlan Corben - pretty good series of crime books - ideal for remove brain and relax.

    can get them both on e-bay for pence (ish)
  14. Anything at all by GM Fraser, but most particularly 'Quartered safe out 'ere'. (This has to have been posted on ARRSE previously at some stage......)
  15. Kara's Game [​IMG] A good read about a woman with loads of oomph! enjoy! :wink: