boom boom club ,newquay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by masher69, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. local legend has it that during ex brave defender or purple warrior(depends on who you talk to ) . The paras (1,2or 3?) and the yank marines slogged it out in the club and when the bizzies and the yank shore patrol from raf st mawgan turned up they were to scared to go in and break it up,did it ever happen?
  2. Why would they be in Newquay during Purple Warrior when that ex was held in North Carolina USA?
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  3. Why (if indeed such an event occurred) would the 'bizzies' want to get stuck in? From the Old Man, who used to do this sort of stuff, SOP was to let the combatants tire themselves out before wading in.

    Or let the dogs get some exercise.
  4. The yanks dont have a "shore patrol" at St Mawgan, and never have. There's only ever been a Raf police unit.
  5. And anyway Denzil Penberthy is the fcuking Daddy in Newquay...he would have never let it happen!
  6. the us marines were based a st mawgan to look after the nuke depth charges and i am sure they had a shore patrol
  7. Nothing on Google.So it never happened.
  8. It was 49 Para.
    The yank marines never mentioned it 'cos none survived.
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  9. Was speaking to an ex raf copper who's been here years and she's never heard of the yanks having a shore patrol. She said there was never enough of them to warrant one and they would never have been given permission to send patrols out anyway.

    Looks like your story is another squaddie urban myth fella. Ooooo look! Is that the bus full of nurses??? :wink:
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  10. well if she has been at mawgan since 1985 she must know, and the marine sercurity force comany left in 92 , they dont get posted much in the raf then
  11. Standard drill for the police to wait outside until the boys were knackered or until the RPs turned up. GCP used to do the same.
  12. i am afraid i do not remember the exact date, but it was the 3rd Para Regiment and the us marines who were fighting, 35 paras against 8 marines at the end. there never was a "shore patrol" based out of raf st mawgan. the only law enforcement that responded to the fight were the local police. chief inspector derek fowkes was the senior policeman at the fight. there were many small scrums through out the night (first starting at the sailors arms) and then one large one outside at the end of the night at the boom boom disco. it was a pretty good battle. i am sure the declared winner depended on which side you were fighting for.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    RAF personell were always able to swap postings so you could end up at one station for about 10 years if you knew the right people. I lived in the civvy road in the middle of the quarters in Padstow and some were there at least 10 years. they were usually senior nco's in support roles looking to ensure that their kids finished their exams at one school and many bought houses locally. I'd bet cash that most wish they had taken the option to buy their qtrs, shitty as they were, when they had the chance. They are worth a fortune now!
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  14. i still have a copy of the newspaper article, from the mirror i think.
  15. That's weird, I actually saw one of these fights. Didn't know it was US Marines though, everyone was just saying Paras and Marines, so assumed it was both Brits. Was outside the Chy Bar. All I saw was old bill standing around it and thinking "...fuck that!". So everyone just carried on admiring the spectacle.