Boom Boom Boom - Please shut up!

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Victorian_Major, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Somebody's been doing IN missions all day on SPTA and the atmospherics are just right to rattle my windows and skull.

    Please please bloody stop - because:

    I've got a stonking hangover.
    It's raining and the Firing Bty (if it's them) will be thredders and wanting to go home.
    IN missions suggest that it's some wanky visit or toss OTC competition or something - hardly war work. So shut up.

  2. Just open your window and shout "Cease Loading!" followed by "Cease Firing!".

    That should do the trick :D
  3. Thats what you get for living in Imber village, Victorian Major.

    Stop being a pikey and buy a proper house.
  4. i thought he lived in the Bustard Caravan Park!!
  5. Just PMSL :D Thank's for that Flashy 8O
  6. I think I'd be wicked enough to just shout 'cease firing' and let the GPO sort out the mess.

    ...and what is wrong with Imber? All of my best friends and family come from Imber.
  7. That explains a few things then 8O
  8. I think it's BUSTARD CHALLENGE- which is a toss OTC competition.
  9. Its not the Firing Bty. Think of a Scottish Gunner Regt.
  10. There is only one descent Scottish Gunner Regiment and they are in North Yorkshire at the they tell me... :eek:
  11. I did'nt say they were a decent Scottish Gunner regt, now did I!
  12. With a toss name. Glad they shut up - it's clearly the end of the ammo year and Fargo's a bit full?

  13. ahhhhhh if only!!!
  14. Ammo man

    The Regt in question is a very decent Highland Regiment doing return to role training on AS90 after being on L118 during OP HERRICK

    Victorian major

    If you don’t like the noise - move house or plug in your IPOD

    Failing that just stick with it we finish on Thursday for a long weekend
  15. @ Wittman,
    thanks, I'm well aware of who it is, also what they're doing and why. Never had any problems in my dealings with them, so will take your word that they are a decent Regt.