Boolocks to this, Im going back to bed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Soggyllama, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. Just made myself a nice hot peice of toast, poured myself some tea, put sugar in there, and put the spoon down on the toaster to put the sugar back, got the milk poured it in, as I did that knocked the teaspoon into the toaster (luckily unplugged by this time), stupidly stuck my fingers in to retreive said spoon..........


    The damn thing was still hot and burnt my fingers. Right you cnut, so I turned the toaster upside down to shake the spoon out, only to now end up with a brew full of toast crumbs.....

    Boolocks to it, I'm off back to bed :(
  2. i am so very very happy for you!!

    and we give a crap because?
  3. Blogging. Letting lunatics pretend they're not talking to themselves since 1998.
  4. I bet if you had used your knob instead of a spoon this thread would be chokka block with comments!
  5. Admit it - you've somehow managed to really annoy the The Emperor Mong and all his horny-toed minions.

    *averts eyes in case His Grumpiness picks on me*
  6. Telford. Home to a fair few of them.
  7. Obviously not educated in the hazards of the kitchen but you have to learn from experience.

    Do you know what happens if you put your tongue on the inside wall of the freezer, right at the back?
  8. A more heart-warming story I've yet to read today. But, as one other reader says; "Do I Give A Fukk?" Not really - sorry.
  9. Pity it wasnt plugged in.
  10. Do you play uprights or cylinders? Mrs Chance prefers uprights where I get a hold of her legs and scoot her around the house, a real hoot. You also get a better suck!
  11. Telford.Chav central.

    PS Don't leave your car in the Central Car Park.
  12. This is what happens when you let mongs loose in the kitchen without at risk assesment!!!

    And any in anycase, why haven't you got a split ass to do it for you? It's all part of their bloody job discription under section 4:

    1. W ashing
    2. I roning
    3. F cuking
    4. E tcetera
  13. Correct and True. Also 'APPARENTLY' the highest teen pregnancy rated town in Europe.......for some reason our council like bragging about that 8O

    Incidentally StickyToffeePudding, The wife makes SHITE Tea, she doesnt drink it, hence why I do it myself......The Toaster was just a bad judgment call.
  14. Ahhh yes, I miss my special school

    My Bold: Is that like a lesbian Baboon? If so, sign me up. Probably a lot better to watch than the lesbians round here.