Booley's Bile

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Interesting article about this ex-serviceman in today's mail. Instructed Prince Harry on fixed wing aircraft, and was subsequently 'bullied' out of the Army, being the victim of a string broken promises. It's clear he was destined for 'red-tab' status at least. Such a shame that he wasn't allowed to realise his undoubted 'potential', although the unkind may say his PID is now free to be gainfully exploited.

    PS Not that clever, however, that he understood the limitations on the use of ET by service personnel.

    Prince Harry's flying instructor takes Army to tribunal over claims he was forced out by bullies | Mail Online
  2. I've never been windsurfing, posted to Cyprus or Gibraltar and, despite how Tech promotion was described to me in the careers office, I didn't make it to Field Marshal before I got my eight year money.

    Who do I sue?
  3. Is he carrying a cushion?
  4. Having looked again at the photos I observe that he seems to be of modest stature - not that this would affect his grievance in the slightest of course.
  5. Good point, let me know how you get on. I have a very similar grievance re windsurfing, skiing, sailing and various other promises made at the recruiting office, which after 38 years have yet to come to fruition.
  6. He is indeed. He's also wearing wings which is really going to challenge some of the members of this site.

    Dwarf whinger about bullying wears wings. How can this be? An airborne god of war being bullied by nasty AAC types, surely this cannot be?
  7. Never thought of this before, but I was forced to go ski-ing, windsurfing and Rock climbing amongst various other outdoor pursuits. Must be some form of bullying claim there.
  8. "Former Parachute Regiment member Sgt Maj Booley"
    If correct I don't see the problem?
  9. Not that it makes much difference but I thought he got his wings via the TA. I heard he was wearing light blue nowadays.
  11. He's an RAF officer now, bloke was a scream as a full screw and a jolly nice chap
  12. Please don't get me wrong, I wasn't denigrating how or where he got his wings from, just commenting that I was told many many years ago that he was ex TA Para. As stated, 'not that it makes any difference'. Just throwing in my tuppence worth.
  13. 4para if I recall mate.
  14. Tribunal judge Jeremy McMullen, QC, said of his 20-year Army record: 'He has a conspicuously distinguished service record including his selection uniquely in the history of the Armed Services to train a member of the Royal Family.'

    I am a bit puzzled, does this quote mean that no other member of the royal family has ever been trained by a member of the Armed Services? Prince Andrew just knew from the get go how to fly helicopters, likewise Prince Charles with aircraft and boats?
  15. There, just updated for you.