Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by azrael1980, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. A few good books to read are "LAST ROUND" about the red caps who got it in iraq, god it made me angry but worth the read, then i read "Rules of Engagement" by Collins which was a good read, p.s if anyone has read the book i managed to get the serial number of the UAV from one of the pictures put through the system and it is classed as MIA :D , anyone else know of good Telic books?
  2. Not Telic, but an excellent read is 'Unscathed' by Major Phil Ashby, Royal Marines... A Must Read...

  3. On the subject, does anyone know of any good dvd's, books, websites on the Royal Marines Mountain Leaders Course (Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre)? there was an excellent series on it many moons ago in the 80's as I can remember...

  4. Just ordered Dusty Warriors by Richard Holmes, out on 3rd April. It's about 1 PWRR in al Amarah and I reckon, going by his previous books, it'll be a bloody good read.
  5. Unsung Hero, By Kevin Fulton.

    This book is about a British Soldier, worked with FRU, Int corps.

    About the book
    Early on a Saturday morning in August 1998, a car was parked in Omagh's high street. By the afternoon, the pavements had filled with shoppers, and then explosives packed inside the vehicle detonated. The force of the blast blew babies across the street, and tore the limbs from children. One body was identified only by its fingerprints. It was the worst single atrocity of the Troubles. Only it could have been avoided. Kevin Fulton had infiltrated the IRA. When news came to him of the planned attack, he handed the information on to his handlers. It was ignored. This is just one of the revelations in this, the most significant book ever to be published about the ongoing war in Northern Ireland. Unsung Hero is a nail-biting, controversial and explosive book; it will profoundly change the way the Troubles are viewed, and it will cause a stir in the highest echelons of government.
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I'm after a copy of << Imperial Grunts" by Robert Kaplan...any Arrsers read this ?

    Review online below:
  7. Operators by James Rennie... A Ravishing Read... :wink:
  8. Anyone read 'A Woman in the SAS' another on the lines of The Operators, haven't personally read it but have heard it is worth a read, anyone read it?


  9. If it's the one I think it was it could be subtitled "How One Brave Slapper Managed to Shag Her Way Through the S.A.S"
  10. there are 2 similar books - one by Sarah Ford and on by Jackie somebody - about 14 int - interesting stuff
  11. Faith and Duty by nick curtis.fascinating read about his time in belfast in the early years whilst serving with the green howards,plenty of action to keep you intrested, a must for any one intrested in Northern ireland.
  12. I tried to read it, but found it badly written and also thought it didn't ring true with regards to much of the military stuff.

    I stopped after the first 30 or 40 pages though, so please tell me if it got better.