Books you 'should' read, but can't.

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Chef, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. I am an avid reader, and on holidays, or other times when there will be reading time, I take many books. One week is about ten to twelve inches of new paperback, plus a few standards, GMF, Pratchett, etc. Now the thing is I try to read some of the books that one should read, but some of the classics I can't even begin on, Dickens, I find turgid, likewise Hemingway, I tried 'For whom the bells toll' Spanish civil war, a period that interests me, shortish book, good starting point I thought. Couldn't get interested at all.

    Are there some standard books/famous authors that leave you wondering what all the fuss is about?
  2. The wife gets the arrse if I take the bumpber edition of readers wifes (the triple laminated edition) on holiday with me. Well they do say picture pains a thousand words.
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  3. I have re-discovered Dickens in the last 2 years, having struggled with him at school. I have to admit to becoming addicted and have now completed all the main novels and am moving on to his more obscure works. I would recommend The Old Curiosity Shop, Little Dorrit and Martin Chuzzlewit - I become so absorbed that I had to find out what happened next, even at the expense of enough sleep...

    I have just started 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' by Nietzsche, as I feel I 'ought' to read more philosophy. I am struggling to get through his sister's introduction - I hope he is better than she is!
  4. The Book of Mormon, I scan read it a few years ago and thought "what the f**k" I've never seen so much bollocks in all my life.
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  5. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    'For whom the bell tolls'

    Homer's 'Odyssey'.

    I really, really tried. Honest.
  6. The Kite Runner... Boss said read it 2 years ago, for that I just can't.
  7. I tried reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, I got a couple of chapters in but jsut couldn't stick with it and gave up. I also found the Silmarilion unreadable.
  8. Tolkien. Dull and plodding. Still, resulted in some reasonably decent films.
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  9. Well said.

    Somebody will mention Finnegan's Wake eventually and with good reason.

    To be honest any book ever put on a Booker Prize shortlist is likely to be a bag of bollocks as well.

    And I can't stand Jane Austen's books. She must the most overrated author in the history of English Literature.
  10. It took me a long time to the The Lord of The Rings trilogy, even with skipping all the poems and songs.
  11. Not so much as I don't get it But I just cannot read I am legend by Richard Matheson. Not a horror reader as it is just not my thing, however I liked the dramatization on radio 7 even though it gave me the willies. Book is the same but even more so, especially if you are reading it on a winters night in an old house five miles from town, on your own, in a gale after a wee dram. Jebus!
  12. That's the one. Bag O shite. Waste of a forrest for printing.
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  13. Dickens I've struggled with and may one day give him another go.

    Homers Odyssey I have read and found it ok going. The Iliad I couldn't read though.

    Don Quixote is another I've tried to read a few times.
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  14. Just can't get into Seven pillars of wisdom by T E Lawrence
  15. The Bible.
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