books we read in the 1970's


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Sven Hassel was a big fave , sadly i was demobbed before I read the whole collection. Is he still a favourite lads ?

Edge was a new comer to the cowboy genre , with his cut thraot razor and sharpshooting , cant remember who was the author though.

Then the J T Edison books always contained a cat fight somewhere in the plot .

I also considered Playboy to be a book because it had article about cars and aeroplanes in it .
The New English Library had its heyday in the '70s, with something for nearly everyone: Chopper, Mama, The Run, Skinhead, Suedehead, Boot Boy etc...

Utter crap, BTW, but no-one had any taste back then anyway, so it didn't matter that much.

Added: Found this on Google Images; didn't remember it as being quite so comical, TBH.
Edge - George G Gilman, as i recall, also did a series called Steele
Pan book of horror stories vol 1-7
I remember
Sven Hassel (of course), JT Edson and his series about an american county police forc/sherrifs dept- loads of Colt 45 autos and shoot outs, Charles Whitting/Leo Kessler- (Wotan comes to mind but there must be others I read)
Clive Cussler before he got boring, ditto Jack Higgins/Harry Patterson(The Eagle has landed still remains on my bookshelf)and ditto Wilbur Smith
Ralph Hammond Innes, James Hadley Chase,

The era oF Book Club Associates has alot to answer for!
Then the J T Edison books always contained a cat fight somewhere in the plot .
JT edson If I remember was very good on gun description, but good westerns by people like Zane Grey eclipsed him. Saw a film on TV the other day- Monte Walsh- has to be one of the best westerns ever.

Still got all the Hassel books, read them from time to time to cheer me up.
Alastair MacLean - well up until about Force 10, then he started losing it a bit.


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Louis L'amour. Excellent westerns. Got a couple on my kindle and recently re read them.
J.T Edson was a postman, I believe.
I got into the Sven Hassel books in 1982. I bought a few new, but most were bought scouring second hand bookshops. A mate where I worked at the time always had one or two lying around the rest room. I picked one up while on my todd one day, and couldn't put it down. You can put part of the blame on those books for inspriring me to have my own military career. The characters, Tiny, Porta, Heide the ardent Nazi, The Old Un who was their leader, The Little Legionnaire, Spanish civil war veteran Barcelona Blom and Gregor Martin, were supposed to be real soldiers Hassel served with or based upon them. A penal tank battalion who did most of their fighting as infantrymen. They were a real band of brothers who would fight the Russians, the SS, and even among themselves whether in drunken bierkeller brawls or behind enemy lines. ******* mental!

I've got a lot of those New English Library books as well, which I got from the same second hand shops. Skinhead, Suedehead, Rogue Angels, Angel Challenge, Terrace Terrors, and more. Skinhead Times Publishing re-released all the Richard Allen titles years ago.

Another book in the same vein as the Sven Hassel books is The Devil's Guard. Supposedly about an ex-SS officer who joined the French Foreign Legion after the Second World War to escape war crimes trials. In a regiment made up of other surrendered Nazis, he was posted to IndoChina to fight the VietMinh, and used their Nazi ruthlessness to kill the communists. They weren't exactly shy about what they did.
For me, lots of scif & fantasy - Lord of the Rings, Michael Moorcock et al. I have subsequently read Hassell - fun, but utterly unbelievable: Tigers being issued to a penal battalion!
Mainly Paddington Bear and the like, but in 79 (i was 10) my dad brought a load of Sven Hassel books home for me and Fly for your Life, the biography of Robert Stanford Tuck, written in 1956 though mine is a 1973 edn. I still have it now and have read it countless times.


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Roy of the Rovers, Victor, Warlord, Battle, Tiger, Hotspur
My bottom book shelf has every Tiger and Hotspur annual 1970 - 1986 in it
Like to have a read now and then.
One of the churn em out Cowboy series, cannot remember the nane of the author or books but every one was.

Cowboys have to' move 100000 cattle from Texas to' New York thru Injun country, Mexican bandits, nasty Cowboy bosses.

head cowboy wore black and had a silver 6 shooter , faster than a rattlesnake. Mate was a Mexican knife expert and tame Injun was a mystic warrior . On the way they saved a few wimmin but no sex. also had a "loco" cook who ended up fighting with the frying pan.

got to new York in the fastest time ever and I always remember the cook used to "Cut slices of the cows arrses to eat"" and they always ended up with 120000 Catle as well.

utter tosh but mind numbing at the time.
The ones passed around at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane were in no particular order, 'The Five Fingers' (talked about on here before - can't remember author, still got it on the bookshelf) 'Devils Guard' and the Leo Kessler equivalent 'Schirmers Headhunters' which was nearly a carbon copy. All the Sven Hassell stuff especially 'Legion Of The Damned' for some reason. 'Run Baby Run' which was about a New York gang member finding God - was only ever read up to where the violence stopped. Colin Forbes seems to ring a bell - did he write 'Firefox'? All the James Herbert books all of which used to fall open at the shagging bits, especially 'The Rats' and the follow up'The Lair'.
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