Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by michaelruston, May 26, 2008.

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  1. :D

    Hi guys and gals,

    The Continuing Story of Our Lad Ricky by
    Michael A Ruston

    Ricky – The Early Years

    I have attempted in my books to give a feel of what life was really like for a military family living below the poverty line in the 1950s and early 1960s. In this, the first of the four books, I detail my life from my earliest memories, through my school days, until I eventually joined the Army in the mid 1960s. You are able to follow the numerous scrapes, incidents and often funny, sometimes tragic situations in which I found myself. Arrested by the RMP three times before reaching the tender age of 7!

    Our Lad Ricky

    In Our Lad Ricky I write about the several abortive attempts I made to join the Army, always failing due to my apparent weakness and ill health. And how, in desperation, I persuaded my best friend and school chum Ben to travel with me to Queen Street, Wolverhampton and take my entrance medical there on my behalf. The book highlights my hesitant, precarious and often hilarious attempts at turning from boy to man, by learning to be a soldier and how, not just once, but twice, I was almost discharged from the Army as 'Services No Longer required'!

    Ricky – Green Beret

    In Ricky – Green Beret, I cover the period from my arrival in Germany, through a host of mishaps and personal catastrophes. Ricky, having been betrayed by a friend, which almost resulted in a Court Martial was close to eviction from the Army. Meeting and falling madly in love with a country girl, but was it to be?

    And then, quite accidentally, Ricky found himself posted to a Commando Unit forming up in Singapore. Although NOT a volunteer ‘Ricky’ struggled through weeks of ‘Beat Up’ and following Commando Training at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon, to successfully succeed in winning the much coveted Green Beret. Much to his own surprise and the astonishment of comrades, friends and family!

    Like to hear from any old Pals
    Osnbruck (16 Sqn/43 Sqn/RHQ), Iserlohn (RHQ) , Singapore, (59 Cde), Barton Stacey, Nottingham, Stafford.
  2. Hi Mick,

    I don't think we met but I was in the Corps from 1975-2000.

    Good effort on writing the book and doing something positive with your life particularly as you have had to become a full time carer.

    Quite frankly I am astounded that your posts have not met with any response (I found this thread after your post on the Sapper thread). I for one will definately buy your book.

    Come on guys ... it's not like Mick came on here looking for charity ... he came on here to plug a book about army life. Sales of which might give him and his good lady a little extra in life.

    ps. Mick, it might help to move it along if you offered a small percentage of sales to a service charity ... particularly sales through ARRSE?
  3. Thank you all for your support, You don't know how grateful I am to you all!

    I'd love to send you a copy! It will not be in the shops for a couple of months. If you want a copy from my, autographed with a dedication of your choice!!! You can now buy the book online direct from my website.

    Thank you!

    It is going very well, sold 100+. I have now been able to get a literary agent to get it published in all major bookshops but I have to raise the £700. (Up to about £400 so far! but will get there!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You don't do paypal do you or a bank transfer? If you do I'll take a copy off your hands, it looks good. In fact I'll have two, one for the old man as that was his era.
  5. You want to order?

    You can now buy the book online direct from my website using paypal. (P&P included). The copies I have are unique, the first edition, so to speak, those that hit the bookshelves will have an acknoledgment pages printing a list of those that 'sponsored' me by buying this first edition. I had to do it this way because I did not have the £700 to pay a literary agent at the start and, so it seems, it is next to imposssible to get it published without one!. If you do order my usual dedicaton is.


    Thank you for your support

    Signature: Michael 'Ricky' Ruston

    If you want anything different. i.e. you bought the book for someone else. Please let me know.
  6. Cheque is on route mate.

    REgards k13eod
  7. Very Grateful.
    Thank you
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Check your PMs Michael.
  9. Good news guys!

    I now have a PayPal button on my website so you can order the book on line! I usually sign the book:

    Thank you for your support
    Signed Michael 'Ricky' Ruston (Date)

    So if you want anything different i.e. buying for a friend or relative please e-mail me
  10. Mick, got the book today before the cheque even cleared ... cheers mate as I am off to the Shetlands tomorrow and it is now packed and on my 'next to read' list [after I finish 'The Small Back Room].

    Cheers, Kev
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    My Dad got his copy last week and mine arrived today. I'll settle down and start reading it later.
  14. Hi Mick,

    Thoroughly enjoyed the book ... it was indeed "unputdownable" (he says inventing a word!). Mate, I had the book read in less than two days and laughed out loud several times ... and much to the annoyance of my girlfriend kept calling her over to read bits out to her! Even though I joined the Corps some ten years after you, I could relate to so much of your story (as I am sure anyone who has been through an army training establishment would agree).

    Now, if I may be pedantic and a little critical (don't throw anything at me!). The book needs a good proof read before going into further print. I realise that you had limited funds and that your daughter(?) did most of the proof reading for you, but there are several spelling mistakes and glaring errors in grammar. In addition there are a couple of places where there is a lack of continuity (perhaps the result of some cut and paste?). Once you have the funds get it proof read for errors and also technical details.

    As an ex sapper, I note that there are a couple of technical details that don't quite ring true (again being pedantic). I imagine that your watermanship training was using assualt boats rather than Combat Support Boats which came into service in the seventies to replace the old Mk4 tug. MGB does not have cross members (apart from the bank seat beams) it's strength is longitudinal through the top and bottom panels with bracing to keep it square... are you getting confused with Bailley which does have 8 man lift transoms? And a Heavy Ferry will most definately not carry 10 x 3 tonne trucks or 6 tanks! Trust me, I spent 2 years operating the beasts in Berlin and they used to struggle with a fully bombed up Chieftain!

    I would also add that this book has a lot of potential for the "non military" reader and to make it attractive to them I would suggest a bit of padding out to describe some of the military terms and equipment that you mention.

    But don't let what I have said detract from the fact that this is an excellent read and a great story. To those who haven't yet ordered a copy ... you can borrow mine .... only joking! Get your copy now and enjoy a great read. I look forward to this book in it's refined published edition and will buy it again ... and can't wait for "The Early Years" .... and start writing "The Later Years"!

    Cheers Mick.
  15. K13 ,

    never mind reading his; how's your own work in progress coming along?