Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by michaelruston, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys and gals,

    (Please view my website
    The Continuing Story of Our Lad Ricky by
    Michael A Ruston

    Ricky – The Early Years

    I have attempted in my books to give a feel of what life was really like for a military family living below the poverty line in the 1950s and early 1960s. In this, the first of the four books, I detail my life from my earliest memories, through my school days, until I eventually joined the Army in the mid 1960s. You are able to follow the numerous scrapes, incidents and often funny, sometimes tragic situations in which I found myself. Arrested by the RMP three times before reaching the tender age of 7!

    Our Lad Ricky

    In Our Lad Ricky I write about the several abortive attempts I made to join the Army, always failing due to my apparent weakness and ill health. And how, in desperation, I persuaded my best friend and school chum Ben to travel with me to Queen Street, Wolverhampton and take my entrance medical there on my behalf. The book highlights my hesitant, precarious and often hilarious attempts at turning from boy to man, by learning to be a soldier and how, not just once, but twice, I was almost discharged from the Army as 'Services No Longer required'!

    Ricky – Green Beret

    In Ricky – Green Beret, I cover the period from my arrival in Germany, through a host of mishaps and personal catastrophes. Ricky, having been betrayed by a friend, which almost resulted in a Court Martial was close to eviction from the Army. Meeting and falling madly in love with a country girl, but was it to be?

    And then, quite accidentally, Ricky found himself posted to a Commando Unit forming up in Singapore. Although NOT a volunteer ‘Ricky’ struggled through weeks of ‘Beat Up’ and following Commando Training at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon, to successfully succeed in winning the much coveted Green Beret. Much to his own surprise and the astonishment of comrades, friends and family!

    Like to hear from any old Pals
    Osnbruck (16 Sqn/43 Sqn/RHQ), Iserlohn (RHQ) , Singapore, (59 Cde), Barton Stacey, Nottingham, Stafford.
  2. Bloody hell reaper, you must have really worked hard to get that O2 tag. Well deserved. If you'd have put that much effort into some service you'd have gone far. :D
  3. Hi Reaper! You enjoy a good read?
  4. Thanks mate....

    Hey you can't talk ...Mike golden had more service in the paras than you ever did.....

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  5. No wah reaper you w*nker, I have got 'Ricky the Early Years' and 'Our Lad Ricky', not bad reading especially 'Our Lad Ricky' which I enjoyed, respect to Michael Ruston for actually putting pen to paper.
  6. Thank you kind Sir! :D
  7. Good to see that what they say about you is true then! Now toddle off and go bully some cadets. Or maybe the parents thread provides soft enough targets for you. Tag earned for good reason. It's always the same isn't it? People who acheive something will always be stalked and abused by no-marks like you RR. I think the general consensus sonny-boy is one.
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  9. Just can't help yourself can you reaper? Still, credit where credit is due - it takes some doing to be as universally detested as your good self.
  10. Thats rich coming from a guy who likes to commit beastiality with kittens?
  11. Oooops Reaper, mis-informed there, he's one of ours.
    However the nearest you would ever get to being Airborne is an upstairs toilet. Even then you probably sit down to p*ss.

  12. Like I said..I did try for the paras

    but they said on account of being able to spell my own name I was overquailified
  13. You can't spell overqualified though.

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  14. Has anybody else noticed that when you simply ignore RR, he just dissapears? He clearly craves the attention that his crack-addled ho of a mother lavished on her £5 a throw punters as opposed to him.

    Talk across him, not to him.