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Books on The Falklands War


Book Reviewer
There are lots , but for me , Rick jolly,s Red and Green Life machine, and Forgotten Voices Hugh Manners, and lastly but not least 3 Para battle for mount Longdon John Cooksey
I enjoyed 'Reasons in Writing' by Ewen Southby-Tailyour. A Royal Marine who, despite his father being CG of the RM had been somewhat side-lined due to a clash with his then CO and sent down as OC of Naval Party 8901 (standing by to be corrected on the number) in the Falklands in the last days of the 70s. He upset 'the system' by taking his wife and 2 small children on the unaccompanied posting, but he also shipped down his yacht on which he then spent a year mapping the beaches around the islands in his spare time. On comes the Falklands War and all of a sudden, the sidelined Marine is suddenly the best-qualified advisor that the Task Force Commander could need!
For an overall view, try The Official History of the Falklands Campaign (Vols I & II) as revised and updated in 2007 by Lawrence Freedman, Professor of War Studies at King's College London where he is currently Vice Principal. The action accounts are in Vol II (War and Diplomacy).
"With 3 Para to the Falklands" as my mate Kev was there with 3 Para & appeared in a well known photo.

"A Soldier's Song" Ken Lukiowak

"Rainbow Soldiers" Walter Winward - fiction but good nonetheless

"Falklands Commando", "Diver" & "Reason..." definitely

"Not Mentioned in Despatches" Constantine Fitzgibbon - Analysis of Goose Green,
An idea might be to have a look at the SAMA Site, they have various items for sale, including books... You'll be helping them out at the same time as enjoying a Right Rivetting Read:


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