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Has anyone been amongst the new craze of COIN books hitting the streets? Obviously, we' ve all read Kitson (bloody library service making me return my first edition!), Thompson and Nagl. Any other gems out there?

Dan Marstons new book is out in April, which should be good. HIs lecutres are outstanding.
If you don't mind academic studies, Thomas Mockaitis' "British Counterinsurgency, 1919-60" and "British Counterinsurgency in the Post-Imperial Era" were required reading on a history course I did years ago.

Don't know what his recent books on Iraq and modern terrorism trends are like, but you could do worse than his thorough studies of what went before.
The following might be of interest.

Theory and Doctrine

28 Articles: Fundamentals of Company Level Counterinsurgency by David Kilcullen Widely read and used by US Forces, written by an Australian academic and reserve forces officer. Very readable and useable. A must read. Not a book, but easily found through google.

A Savage War Of Peace: Algeria 1954 – 1962 by Alistair HorneDefinitive history of the French COIN campaign in Algeria. How tactical and operational success lead to strategic failure. A must read.

Street Without Joy: The French Debacle in Indochina by Bernard FallFirst published in 1961, a military classic that describes the French involvement in Indochina. A good example of how not to conduct counter-insurgency.

Insurgents, Terrorists, and Militias by Shultz & Dew. Published in 2006. A good primer to understanding the wider (anthropological) context of conflicts in Chechnya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Counterinsurgency and the Global War on Terror by Robert CassidyPublished in 2006. Written by a US SF officer. Know your enemy, know yourself and know what kind of war you are embarking on. Explores the long war using the paradigm of a global insurgency. Highly recommended.

After The Conflict: Reconstruction and Development In The Aftermath of War, Ed by Sultan Barakat. Published in 2005. Indispensable guide to long term reconstruction requirements, using case studies in Afghanistan, Somalia, Kosovo and other places. Highly recommended.

Tactics of the Crescent Moon: Militant Muslim Combat Methods by H. John Poole Readable account of the recent history of muslim combat methods in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

if you can get hold of 'Imperial Policing' by Maj Gen Wynne (now out of print, the copy I have was published in 1936) it has some gems in it as well.

The new US Army / USMC Counter-Insurgency Field Manual (available on amazon) is also very good.
Counterinsurgency Warfare by David Galula.

The Sling and the Stone Thomas X. Hammes.
Unknown Soldiers Matthew Carr

this apparently has been reprinted after the court case
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