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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by spasticus, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. I am looking for suggestions for military biographies which cover the Aden conflict,especially by those who were there "on the ground". I already have Lt.Col.Colin Mitchell's Having Been A Soldier but there seem to be few others.

  2. Not really a bio but the Cameronian Scottish Rifles part III 1945 - 1968 has a decent bit with some good pictures when they were in Mallah. It was their last heave ho before disbandment. I also think Stood in the Door about the 16 Ind Para Bde had a few chapters on Aden or Radfan.
  3. I have read Aden insurgency, heartily recommended it is to!
  4. The Regiments Depart and A Fighting Retreat both have some pretty good chapters on Aden.
  5. See if you can find a copy of 'Last Post: Aden 1964-67' by Julian Paget, published by Faber in 1969.
    Lt Col Paget served in Aden during this period. He covers the entire campaign and also provides a comprehensive historical background to the events. It is very readable.
    I must have read it twenty or thirty times. Just give me a rainy winters day, a log fire, the dog snoozing away and I am suddenly transported back forty odd years.
    Good luck.

    Just noticed that the book number is SBN 571 08720 5. Don't know whether that will help or not.
  6. Not a book neither, but a music video about the Royal Anglians in Aden, circa 1965 -

    Street Fighting Men
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Excellent book, covers an awful lot of ground and does it well. Added bonus is, front cover, photo of a patrol (erroneously labelled paras) and about 4th from front, carrying a radio is me!

    This aside, it is a good and informative book, but none can really give the flavour of what it was like at the time.
  8. Haven't read that in years! In fact all Don Mc naughtons books are a good read ( They stayed a soldier). Shame he did'nt get his last one published that took him to the end of his army career, through the Falkands.(I know its not his autobiography, but he uses a lot of the Battalions 'characters' from 2 Para in the fictional 5 para)
  9. Old fat and hairy, that is interesting mate and yes, the picture has the caption 'Heavy loads. A patrol from 3 PARA'

    The book does contain a list of all illustrations but does not attribute them unfortunately. Can you remember how the photograph came to be taken? Very few of us had cameras in those days. The War Office as it was known then, did have a couple of photographers running around the place but I am not sure of how far up country they would have gone. Certainly they were at Thumier.

    It was a conflict about which very little appears to have been written. You needed a genius level IQ to understand the local politics which is probably why.

    It was just part of the Great Retreat from Empire. We undid that which our forefathers had done.

    Good on you mate and keep well.