Books for the boys (and girls)on ops using free postage.

Now that Royal Mail is allowing free packages for a period, would it be a good idea for ARRSE members to post any old books or magazines that they might have or for members to request titles that others might have within a special forum and have them posted out to them free of charge (I'm sure we can rise to the cost of a jiffy bag!). All address communication would be done via PM or IM. Is this a good idea?
I know that many cannot afford to make up comfy boxes and most have old books that would be of interest.
I'm sure that those who operate the airbridge will welcome the extra traffic that the free service will likely provide them. They've done nothing but twiddle their thumbs over the last few years.

Incidentally, interesting that BFPO do not seem to have caught on yet as their site mentions nothing:

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