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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Bugsy, May 31, 2006.

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  1. One of my brothers bought me a book recently. It's "Scimitar SL-2" by Patrick Robinson. I'm about halfway through it now and it's an absolutely cracking read. Tom Clancy just pales in comparison. I've already ordered another three of his books from Amazon.

    Here's a bit of info on the author:

    He seems to bear a close resemblance to Harry Secombe, but never mind that. :D :D :D

  2. Have to confess I have read most of his books and they are all good reads. I spend a lot of time in airports when travelling and he is one of the authors I keep an eye out for when browsing in the shops.
  3. Inf/MP, would you happen to have any gen on the man's military experience? I've had a trounce around on t'internet, but not found anything.
    He seems inordinately genned up on sub stuff and I'm wondering if he's ex-RN.

  4. No he is not ex-mil, however, he is good mates with a few submariners including Adm Sir Sandy Woodward who was the Task Force Commander sent to liberate the Falkland Islands from Argenitine occupation in 1982. He also has contacts in the US hence he is able to use them to make sure that he does not write bollocks when describinn technical aspects of submarine warfare.

    All this appears in the prelude to some of his books.
  5. He's pretty prolific for sure-- check out 'Kilo Class' if you havent already.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Robinson, like Clancy before him is guilty of starting well and slowly progressing into writing crap. What starts life and all arms warfare descends into american SF saving the day, again and again. Add a few cliches with Brits, capable but class ridden and it becomes the same old crap...
  7. I think he started out as a sports journalist: he co- (ghost?)wrote 'True Blue' with Dan Topolski IIRC, the one about the Oxford Boat Race 'mutiny'.
  8. Totally agree with Mr Happy absolute sh1te. Started off medium interesting but now... forget it.

    What really grips me is that he is a Brit but they all read like products of the US Army fan club with the the Brits playing the usual upper class twit routine or being terrorists with a good education

    Avoid like the plague
  9. Totally agree, I still have his first three books, have not bought any since.
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I saw True Blue being filmed, being a Putney resident at the time so the crew's were filming down on the water all the time, hung out at The Dukes Head and so on. Rowing friends were often hired as extras for the background work...
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I bought about the 4th or 5th when stranded in an airport. Something about the French promoting a revolution in Saudi. I was groaning inwardly by chapter 1.

    The problem with this, and the others to a lesser extent (lesser and lesser as you go back) is that he goes from writing 'a warry novel to writing about Special Forces who of course can do no wrong, have masters, speak 12 languages and crack shots with whatever they lay their hands on (oh, and can drive tanks, helicopters, planes, boats, etc).

    I actually wrote to Robinson via the publisher pointing out the factual errors in the book (mossad hitmen blowing away the entire French restaurant with AK74's firing 7.62). French flying a terrorist (singular) around in a Boeing-Airbus A380 (!!!) so he can travel covertly.. It goes on.
  12. Patrick Robinson? You must be joking.

    They're awful, the lot of them.

    I like how they start of all serious usually with a preface from Sir Sandy fooling you into thinking theres a half-decent story on the way.

    Then you get these nonsensical plots which involve subs being hijacked by Arab ex-Mossad agents freelancing on behalf of France and using a nuclear torpedo to vapourise a Spam carrier with the day being saved by lots of US/UK SF types working in concert.

    Stick to Andy McNab for for half-decent fiction!
  13. His latest thriller!

    :p :p
  14. Sh1te - read HMS Unseen and Kilo Class - fcuking bollox - surprised Sandy Woodward has put his name to them...must have opted for the AFPS 2005 pension scheme.

  15. Kilo class is a fantastic book, Now my desk does'nt wobble