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Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by northernrogue, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone recommend any good books written by Op Banner vets about their time spent in the province? Not looking for some high ranking ruperts memoirs, but something written by the men on the ground. It's a subject that has always interested me, having family friends who served over there but never myself.
  2. ugly

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    There are quite a few arrssers in it!
  3. AlienFTM

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    With a minor op to look forward to the day before yesterday, I was mooching around town and needless to say I found myself in Waterstones where this fell into my hand. Thoroughly enjoying it.
  4. The following books were not written by vets but they are well worth a read IMHO:

    Northern Ireland Soldiers Talking (short interviews of soldiers)

    Emergency Tour Armagh 1976 3 Para (written by the then CO)

    Bandit Country

    The Irish War

    The RUC a force under Fire
  5. RP578

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  6. Didn't Tony Geraghty write "Contact!"? I can't find any trace of it in a quick Google search, and my copy disappeared 20 years ago.
  7. Contact was by A F N (Tony) Clarke 1 PARA IIRC
  8. Wasn't this book written by A. Clarke (A.F.N Clarke) I have a well read copy "somewhere"!?!?
  9. Tony Clarke was 3 PARA.
  10. Thank you :oops:
  11. The British Army in Ulster by David Barlizay.

    Don't forget to use the Army Library & Information Service (ALIS), accessible via ArmyNet (click the 'Education' tab, then 'ALIS' under 'Related Topics', then enter your search criteria). Just search for your topic (or essay title) and tick the items you want; they'll send you the books and articles in the post. When you're finished, send them back in the jiffy bag provided. It's free; I havent bought a military book in years.

    I just did a quick search of the database under 'Northern Ireland' and found 3983 books and articles, all available for order.
  12. There was a film maker called Alan Clarke, has anyone seen either of the films mentioned in this link?Alan Clarke