Booking own FAM visits??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Bex22, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone

    I emailed my ACA this morning to request a FAM visit to another corps. I have completed one visit and am booked on to 3 more. He said he does not want to get me a 5th visit because of their budget etc. I totally understand this and do not want to seem 'greedy' however, in order to make a sensible and informed decision when it (hopefully) comes to my choice of arms I would like to visit as many as possible. I genuinely have as much of an interest in this 5th corps at the moment as I do in the others and want to visit them to be able to see where I think I would fit in.

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to book on to FAM visits yourself without the help of your ACA?


  2. we can normally tell from a picture where you will be most suitable...
  3. Thanks but doesn't really help with me wanting to visit each corps though does it?
  4. Which ones do you have and which one do you want?
  5. Bex - Technically possible, but all very personality led - try ringing the Officer Recruiter for each Corps you wish to visit. They may mug you off with the 'go through the ACA', but an't hurt.. It is much better to look at the Corps you are most interested in (reasearch through Google, Careers fairs etc) rather than a sweepstake for them all. When I went through, I looked at 3 different Capbadges before RMAS, repeated one of them during the course, and looked at either one or two others. You do get the chance for a couple of visits at RMAS, I believe (though there will be recruiters/students on here who are more up to date with the RMAS procedures than me).
  6. Thanks for the helpful advice Timble :)
  7. I think ACA is mugging you off. I've never heard of a limit to how many units you can visit, likewise i think the corps you are visiting pays not the aca. My own corps certainly doesnt set a limit, they have a fam visit once a month.

    Personally i visited 4 bns and 2 wasnt a problem then, but it was a million years ago....
  8. I am going to try and contact them myself. Just didn't want to do that and 'go behind my ACA's back' and piss him off.
  9. weird..

    I've only completed one Fam visit, and was actively encouraged by the Captain I was interviewed by to visit as many as possible before Sandhurst! (4-5 he mentioned)

    Can't get a real feel for the actual job in hand without visiting, perhaps if you are pre-main board, they would prefer to know you have a spot at Sandhurst
    before allowing further visits?

    Either way good luck!
  10. after having trouble getting in contact with a London ACA i eventually decided to go straight to the regiments/corps, it has worked to a certain extent. Some regiments are better at getting back then others, although admittedly i have only tried email so far.
    I don't know how the FAM visits are funded/insured but i suspect my process is made easier being TA.
  11. It's a very common myth being touted by ACA's at the moment that there is a 'limit' on FAM visits. And they do normally set this as 4. Some cynical person somewhere might think that they all had a meeting or got sent an email where the number '4' was used as an example and the ACA's where just too lazy to think of it themselves.

    In essence there is NO LIMIT on FAM visits. In fact on every FAM visit I've been on I've been encouraged/persuasively told to go and visit as many/every potential regiment or corps that I might be interested in. Even vaguely. To try and get a feel for their regimental life.

    Getting in contact with different regiments recruiting offices doesn't tend to be that hard. Normally a Google search can get you a rough e-mail address of someone in the recruiting job who can either let you know the info you need or pass you onto someone that can.