Booking out of Camp


The RSM has stopped soldiers booking out when wearing the following:
Football Shirts
Rugby Shirts
French Connection Shirts - Honest!  Coz the label reads FCUK.  Apparently you can make a rude word out of the letters.  
Can anyone think of other labels with rude words hidden in them?  
Welcome to the 21st Century Sir :-/


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What a knobber!

What does he hope to achieve?  It is like teenage kids, if you make any rule about dress etc, they go out of their way to obstruct you and make it twice as bad!

I guess you don't all go out with little bags then?  Also are you positive its the RSM and not the CO?  I heard of this once in my old regiment and actaully it was coming from the CO, but the RSM was the man who had to enforce it, and being a good RSM he took the flak.

Does it also apply to married people?
nige, that sound bad,  Although soldiers are subject to military discipline you cannot expect thier fashion sense to conform with military law (the mess).  I believe that to be rather excessive.


I remember quite a few years ago of this sort of ridiculous behaviour was almost normal - especially in Germany.  The Guard Commander in my Regt  had to personally check every soldier leaving camp to go down town and ensure they didn't have jeans or tee shirts on.  

To enforce this sort of rule these days shows an incredible level of stupidity by the Regt concerned (whether it is the RSM or CO).  They need to get out more often!


The booking out rules apply equally to Pads and singlies.  
Couldn't say if the rule came from the CO or RSM, but I wouldn't be surprised in either case.  
The unit has just arrived in Germany, after a stint on Public Duties.  
Hope they are quick learners. :-/


This sort of narrow minded stupidity really fcuks me off. Who thinks that what a soldier wears off duty is really going to affect how the community perceives him?

This foolish action will serve only to inflame the defenders of the realm and will not bother the locals at all. No football shirts before the world cup? Time to CDT the RSM and CO I think.

If only head shed would think about this kind of thing before implementation. This kind of action winds me up more than almost anything else. Ten minutes of consultation with the senior ranks would have prevented this sorry episode- but no- another case of "RSM- I thinks it would be a jolly good idea if..."

I would be more than happy for any soldier to walk downtown in S&M gear with a dead chicken round his neck as long as it keeps him happy.


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Ain't it a shame there isn't an independant organisation you could report this to.....ooops, sorry, taboo subject.


Now I remember why I left the Army, stone age, clueless fcukwits who believe they have the right to tell you what to do in your own time, retention, clearly still a dirty word in some parts of the Army!!

I would like to see someone refuse to change, get charged, go for court marshall with a civvi lawyer, hell, I'll start a whip round to pay the bill!!
Rant over!!

Anyone wanna buy a shirt, logo = FCUK the RSMis that rude?
Vermin, make them and advertise them in the Classified ads and i can guarantee you will get a lot of orders may i suggest a rear logo too.

(INSERT REGT/CORPS/Bn/Bty/Coy/Troop/Ptn?). Where a pat on the back is a recce for a knife.

Mr Happy

OK.  I want a t-shirt that reads the FCUK the RSM.  Vermin is a genius.  He's got a sense of humour (I can't find his limit but this could do it!) - where can I get a T-shirt printed up?


I have contacted Fench Connection UK Ltd and they say they will sue my 4rse if I go to print, the best I can do is the old 60's picture of the Tortoise trying to FCUK a tin helmet with the logo FCUK THE ARMY, apparently a very popular choice amongst conscript armies.  ;)
I can get them for £14 per half dozen, two types, ones that smell of moth balls or ones that don't but have many small holes in them, all come in various shades of white through to light yellow with green speckles of mould due the warehouse being flooded in 1972.
Anyone interested, min order 2000!! ;D


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Isn't it really sad that soldiers have to resort this far, just because of one ********* RSM?  Why should his bone ideas then encourage our soldiers to have to wear such t-shirts, when they should be proud to say that they are part of it?

It is incredible how a badly thought out order can have such an adverse affect.

Speach over!

How can you respect an RSM/CO that treats his soldiers like children? All of them are adults, allowed to vote and if push comes to shove go out there and fight for their country. There are always one or two idiots out there that kick the arrse out of it, but in general, treat 'em like kids and they'll act like kids.



When Knobber of a General placed half of cyprus OOB he was told he was infringing human rights-right to movement, free association, so presumably the RSM here is doing the same-also the right to free speech-if you want to wear a MUFC top then that is your right-I wonder what would happen if he tried to stop a Sikh soldier wearing his turban or a Jewish one wearing a Star of Daved!! :eek: :eek:
Back to dress code... surely by that RSM's reckoning then all off duty police, doctors, firefighters, MPs, vicars and anyone else who may be viewed as a pillar of the community should be banned from wearing jeans etc.

What a saddo.  Bet he still lives at home with his mum.


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This sort of shoite was practised by The HCav for many years untill someone noticed it was having a somewhat detrimental effect on retention, I suppose that has not changed!

Sloppy Link

I think this is in the realms of "Bringing Her Majesty's Forces into disrepute", an old favorite from the MML, however, it is very much in the opinion of the beholder.   Any opinion apart from that of a professional person (Doctor, Fingerprint expert etc) can be challenged in court.   Bearing in mind the new changes applicable to the Military as a result of our tree hugging European Meisters, I would think you would have a pretty good chance of success.
A final thought though, after all the dust has settled and you have had you day in court, he will still be the RSM or the CO.   They are renowned for having an elephantine memory.


Update: The rules for booking out have changed for the better.  As long as the person booking out isn't outrageously scruffy, pretty much anything goes.

Sense prevails. :)


I bet noneof them went out carrying fcuk shirts in bags or under another top.
I always thought the recruiting pamphlets looked out of date......they must have just booked out via the rsm's wardrobe

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