Booking out of Blighty

Mainly aimed at all of those who have left Blighty for the greener fields

apart from the Taxman who else do you inform

What did you do with savings and pension in the UK for tax (UK Tax... Double taxation etc)

How have you dealt with the country of your choice taxman and tax returns ...again this double taxation stuff

i'm quite happy with my hard earned savings being UK taxed as I have many polices which are still on-going and of course would like to leave them...but the wife reckons I will have to declare this next year in my new home of Holland

any advice greatly recieved

If you become classed as non resident UK then your pension and savings will be taxed at the minimum level (pension at source and savings interest at 22%). Assuming of course that you dont keep a house in UK or have any other form of income.

The dillema for you is do you declare it ?? I suspect that the double taxation agreement may be ok for holland and UK but check up with a cloggy tax adviser.

I keep my pension in UK as taking it across will cost you especially at this exchange rate 1.34 or something. As for other things get a quote for your uk old age pension and check to see how many NI payments you need to make to get the full deal. Child benefit people too and also initially newcastle for a EHIC (Health card) why pay health insurance when they can pay for it.

Failing that google your query and put some work in .-)
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