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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by michaelg1987, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Since the NRC are without a doubt the worst organisation I have ever had the misfortune of corresponding or dealing with (subject for another thread no doubt), is anyone the wiser as to who is responsible for booking TA Officer Cdts onto MOD1, MOD2 etc? They firmly believe it is the units responsibility though I suspect this may be another case of the NRC blindly underestimating their new found responsibilities so just deflecting all enquiries back to unit. Utter incompetence.
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    Michael, depending on which MOD 1 or MOD 2 it could be either the responsibility of your local unit or the TA Officer team. Next week please call and we can get this resolved for you. Please call 01980 835765 to discuss.
  3. michawlg1987 - as far as I know it would depend what unit you are with. But in general MOD 1 is basic training and would be done with your TA unit. MOD 2 is then done now with UOTC's who seem to be taking on all TA officer training with Brigade RTC's disbanding their Officer Training Wings. You would train with your unit as normal and then do MOD 2 training with a UOTC.

    MOD 3 is then a 2 week-ish course which the UOTC can get you dates for and your unit will book you onto one.

    Then MOD 4 is the TA CC at RMAS.

    In tandem to Mod's 1-3 you need to complete AOSB Briefing and Main Board.

    All in all - fun fun fun......

    [and yes, the NRC and Capita do have a startling ability to avoid all contact with people when you attempt to phone them]
  4. In my case I am joining a national unit so its not possible for me to do MOD1,2 with them. I must complete them at my local UOTC which thankfully is a 10 minute walk away.

    This is for a national unit, not sure about regional units.