Booking Accommodation for Resettlement Activities

I was wondering if someone could help me. I am just about to finish my 22 and my unit is in the process of moving from Germany (just been posted there). I am looking at Resettlement Courses and have found a few that I would like to do.
When I want to book accommodation, am I right to think I need a non-availability chit from the nearest unit within the required travelling times/distance. How do I go about getting a chit from these units if in an area that have quite a few military units.
i.e Say if I want to do a course at Gatwick Airport, there are quite a few military units within the hours travelling time/50 miles.
Surely they don't expect you to telephone every single one or is there a central office you can phone to find if there is any accommodation in the area?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
an hour travelling time in the rush hour round Gatwick is not very far and there are probably no units you could ask.

I would check with the pay staff that they are happy then get a n/a chitty from Chatham.
Hi again
I'm after some info on who sorts accomodation in London, I have tried to no avail to try to find a number for a unit/person in London so I can phone to try to get a non-availabilty chit.
Also does anyone know what the score is for residential courses, one of the courses I am looking at doing is at Access Training Wales and the course is residential, do I still have to get a non-availability chit from the local unit (1 Rifles) in Chepstow. They are away in Afghan and the messes are closed so struggling trying to get hold of someone.
Thanks for any help.

on the new 363T form that you will fill out for that course there is a box in
Part 3. d. Authorisation code for courses with tied accomodation issued:
the main wording there is 'tied accommodation' and your IERO has to sign this. If the course doesnt have tied accom (ie isnt residential) then youll have to go through the whole ringing around every unit and get the non-availability chits.(although some garrison areas have a central booking number for all military units in their area and will be able to sort out accom or a chit in a oner).
Thanks for that reply Filbert, will speak to the IERO when i go upto Catterick on Thursday.

Does anyone know of any phone numbers (pref Civi)of London Units (near to Gatwick) to try to get accom or non-availability chit please.
I have scoured the net but can't find anything and I don't have access to DII etc.
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