Booked a holiday to Egypt

Take some 'real' helmets they'll sell like wild fire, I know I'd rather have one than a slab of concrete on my head.
Anti-botulism injections, indigestion tablets, water purification kit, your own crockery and eating irons (to be washed in bottled water). The germs will kill you long before the locals ever bother.
Depends which part of Egypt you're heading to? If it's Sharm el Sheikh then an autograph book to get President Mubarak's autograph, it will be worth some money as it might be the last time he signs the 'P' word. If it's Cairo then life insurance and a good camcorder, Sky News are paying top dollar for film taken anywhere outside the hotel room Tim Marshall is holed up in. Especially good if it incorporates tanks and horses together...just watch out for bricks.

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