Book the outrage bus...

New series of Big Fat Gipsy on Thursday - I've got my FMT annotated if it's not over it's milage from the latest Daily Mail story...
Why would we be outraged? Its shit TV for fucking cretins with nothing else to do to watch. There are other mind-numbingly shit programmes on the other channels if you don't want to watch it, you know.
I think it's nice that they have such wonderful, lavish (vomitingly tacky) weddings that the entire pikey community attend.

Gives the council a clear 6 hours to go and bulldoze their fucking caravans down whilst the pikeys are all on the piss, fighting each other, and shagging their 12 year old "cousins" in the only hostel in town that will host their shindig..


Accents, violence, poor manners and inbreeding aside...

Would ya - one on the left?
Some one commented recently, I shall flagellate myself for not knowing who later, that all the brides look like 20 stone sugar plum fairies.
I agree completely........creatures!!!!!!

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