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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by 5205Bradders, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. I've just finished reading '8 Lives Down', and have bought 'Boy Soldier', 'Sniper One', and 'Crossfire'... but was wondering if anyone had any pers favs they could suggest...?
  2. Green Eyed Boys
    IIRC its by Max Hastings
    its all about the Falklands conflict. Its a brilliant read.
  3. Green eyed boys is by Christian Jennings ex TA para, ex FFL and Adrian Weale ex Army officer
  4. "SEEN"
    Thanks Waffen I knew I should have got off my lazy Arrse and checked.
  5. There are a few more suggestions in these threads:



  6. No worries, you are right though it's a great read
  7. Old Soldiers Never Die
    Frank Richards

    Possibly the best rankers book to emerge from WW1. He was time expired soldier from the early 1900's, who rejoined on the outbreak of war. A private in the Royal Welch Fusiliers, he fought at all the major battles from 1914 onwards and amazingly managed to survive. The quality of the writing is testament to Frank's determination to tell the story as he saw it, and the fact that he was assisted by the poet Robert Graves, who had served with Frank.

    Following the success of this book, he was then persuaded by Robert Graves to re-look at his previous military service with the regiment in India in the early 1900's. The result was another excellent read "Soldier Sahib"
  8. Cheers,
    Defo goin to look into them all, wanting to expand my book collection quick sharp...
  9. Killing Zone by Harry Mcallion; ex-Para who emigrated to RSA and served with their Recce Commandos before coming back here and joining 22 SAS.

    He eventually "retired" into the RUC.

    Cold Zero by Chris Whitcomb, an ex-member of the FBI's elite HuRT(Hostage Rescue Team).
  10. They also wrote Midnight In Some Burning Town, about Special Forces in the War On Terror.
  11. Read mixed reviews on this book, have you read it, any good?
  12. Not bad, but not one of my favourites, either.
  13. Harry 'retired' to the legal profession following his RUC stint.
  14. I'm reading a fairly good book at the moment by Mark Eyles-Thomas:


    One of the best books written on the Falklands War, up there with Spud Ely's - For Queen and Country...