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I am begining a career with the RSDG in June and would love to learn alot more about the entire Corps before joining up. I have ordered 'With pennants flying' and Charles grant's 'Royal Scots Greys' to be going on with but would love any suggestions that people might have, especially coming from guys who will be able to point me in the direction of good accurate material. Cheers in advance.
If you are joining the SCOTS DG (they seem to prefer this title to RSDG), you should read a book called "Main Battle Tank" by Niall Edworthy. It is all about the SCOTS DG on Op TELIC1 (the initial invasion/war fighting phase in Iraq in 2003).

I can't comment on the accuracy of the book, but it reads OK and sounds about right.

Any SCOTS DGs out there who can comment further?
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