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I wrote a book review on Sunday and note that it's still sat in the ante room, not in the reviews forum. Is nobody uploading them at the moment?


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Since ARRSE moved onto Cloud 9 I have been having all sorts of problems including the diappearance of my comfort blanket of 'likes'.

Anyhoo - reviews; when I posted the SF Commander review the original post disappeared from the Book Reviews Forum but the actual appeared in the Reviews area as it should. I don't know why these things happen as I am but a humble button pusher. However, the same happened with the Nimrod review which disappeared then re-appeared, twice - once as the review and once linking to the Article. Do not ask me what is happening as this is beyond my ken, ye ken.

Very strange and I have booked the local Witch Doctor to come and spread his ju-ju on my machine to stop all this confusing stuff happening to me :)

Question for AlienFTM: Can you see the review in the book reviews section as a fully published review with links and cover image? Linked by BadCO.


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Yes mate, like you I cannot see it on our internal reviews page but I can see the full review.

At least I know my work hasn't disappeared: I had checked that the review is sat in my browser history and I am not going to need a rewrite from scratch.

FYI I have finished the Flashman book. I'll aim to get it reviewed this weekend along with Storming the Falklands. I'll then get the Flashman book in the post to you. It's not bad for a first attempt. As the review will tell you, the author isn't GMF and lacks 20 years' real writing experience as a journo, but ... I'll leave it for you to decide. Let's just say that I spent most of my cavalry career in the close company of cavalry officers, be it FHQ or Command Troop. The author claims it's his story written in the style of Flashman. I do hope the particularly Flashmanesque passages are made up, or the poor man will have consumed a lot more semen, saliva and shit in his career than he thinks he has: 15/19H officers may have been public school, but they never offended the troops the way this Flashman does.
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