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Some of you may have noticed a slight change to the Arrse site over the past couple of weeks! Well, as part of this move to the new site, GCO has built a new Book Review Site which is now up in place and operating with new titles going on as we speak. The link to the new site is on the left hand side of the Arrse Home Page. Since the last update we have put up the following reviews :
Divorce Confidential - stories from a divorce lawyer
The Gordon Highlanders - uniforms 1945 to 1994
Immediate Response – the story of a Bootie pilot in Helmand 2006 (great discussion on Book Forum)
Geordie Got Physical – sequel to Geordie Dropped In
Superyacht – the X-rated stories of a millionaire yacht captain
Still to come:
Junior Officers’ Reading Club

Edinburgh International Book Festival. I am going along to this event this year as I am fairly local. I have been given what is called press accreditation as the rep from Arrse. What does this mean? Well it means that I am able to ask to go along to events where authors are speaking about their books and get a chance to ask questions and perhaps enhance any reviews that have been written by Arrsers. It has also meant that publishers have asked Arrse to find reviewers for many of the books being presented at the Festival. Some of these are military such as Road of Bones by Fergal Keane about the battle of Kohima; The Battle of Waterloo – A New History by Jeremy Black; The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquhart the story of a Gordon Highlander’s survival of Japanese prison camps. But there are many others ranging from humour with Shappi Khorsandi’s Acting English, biog; Jeremy Hardy’s My Family - and other strangers, about his family tree; to serious in depth studies of various subjects such as The Future of Money edited by Oliver Chittenden and Fun Inc by Tom Chatfield, a serious look at the computer gaming industry.

In all, a very wide range of subjects which our Reviewers have bravely volunteered to take on. There are over 20 books currently being reviewed and these will be slotted onto the Review Site as they come in. So keep looking in, there may just be something to tempt you to read.

During the Book Festival (14-30 August 2010) I will be attempting to write and maintain a blog to keep anyone interested up to date. This will be my first attempt at doing this so bear with me – constructive criticism would be welcomed to make it better (although I expect the main one to be ‘stop doing it!!’). In this blog I will keep a diary of events I have been able to get in to and also flag up any of interest that are up and coming. The programme for the Festival can be found here : Home | Edinburgh International Book Festival.

I have currently been able to blag my way into see Jeremy hardy, Fergal Keane, Alistair Urquhart and Martin Bell (book about the MP expenses scandal – great reading!!) and will be pushing to get into many others but especially Patrick Hennessy (Junior Officers Reading Club) and Mark Urban (Task Force Black), which have been reviewed on Arrse.

I would be delighted to meet any Arrsers who are in town for the Festival (I have a spare bed if anyone is desperate for accommodation for the occasional evening).


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A-Y I have read Alistair Urquhart's book recently and would be happy to provide a review if no-one else has volunteered.

My review of 'Road of Bones' is on its way to you.


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I've just emailed you the review of the last book you sent me.

Eagerly await the next one to review.
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