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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Auld-Yin, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Just like to point out to you that there have been some great reviews put up in the Book Reviews section recently and there are several cracking books currently being reviewed.

    Have a look especially for

    • The 1st Anglo-Sikh War
    • We Gave Our Today
    • First Frost
    • When God Made Hell
    • Churchill Defiant
    • Bloody Belfast and A Long, Long War by Ken Wharton
    • Eye of the Red Tsar and The Red Coffin

    and many many more.

    There is plenty there for most tastes so go and have a look - you may just find something which will enjoy.